Student Disability Advisor — Delaware

Students with disabilities will face challenges pursuing an education, no matter what grade level, degree concentration, or program they follow. From demanding academic tasks to social environments to fulfilling all graduation requirements, they will encounter obstacles, especially when applying for legally-required disability accommodations. Yet, students with disabilities shouldn't feel alone. One study shows that nearly 20 percent of college and university students nationwide have a disability. Whether a student's disability is emotional, mental, or physical, state and federal laws oblige schools to offer reasonable accommodations for qualifying disabilities. However, Delaware institutions sometimes fail to provide modifications to disabled students, which puts unnecessary pressure on their academic journeys. Therefore, if your primary or secondary school, college or university, or other educational program declines to acknowledge your disability or offer reasonable accommodations, contact national education lawyer Joseph D. Lento. He and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team stand ready to defend your disability rights.

Disabled Student Rights in Delaware

Disability Accommodations in Delaware

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