Lehigh University Title IX Violations

Lehigh University takes instances of sexual misconduct from its students very seriously. The University's Title IX Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the pursuit of disciplinary action against students who are alleged to have violated the University's sexual misconduct policy. Lehigh University engages in a disciplinary process similar to standard behavioral misconduct violations, however, the process relies on greater scrutiny and holds more severe consequences.

Disciplinary Measures

The University will begin a formal investigation once a complaint is received by the Office of the Title IX Coordinator. Throughout the disciplinary process the student who initiated the complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student facing charges will be known as the "respondent." The University may take action to enforce interim measures to prevent interaction between complainant and respondent. This can include rescheduling of classes, or it may include the imposition of a no contact order against the respondent, or an interim suspension in certain instances.

Investigation and Adjudication

The Office of the Title IX Coordinator will select an investigator appropriate for the process. An additional investigator may be appointed to assist the initial investigator as well. The investigative process will involve the investigative team speaking with witnesses and both complainant and respondent in separate interviews. The complainant and respondent will be able to present the investigative team