Speech Language Pathology Student Misconduct: Falsifying Clinical Hours

Clinical Program Challenges

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association calls speech-language pathologists experts in communication. But that special expertise requires a rigorous education, including an extensive clinical program. Prominent universities like Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Northwestern University in Chicago, and Purdue University in West Lafayette maintain leading speech-language pathology programs. Many other colleges and universities also maintain rigorous speech-language pathology programs, a degree from which they can have a great job and career value. Yet the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association warns of the special challenges, like scheduling the practicum, financial strains, vague standards, and outdated educational models, that students can face within those programs. And those challenges can include misconduct charges relating to incomplete or falsified clinical hours and similar irregularities. Don't face those challenges alone. Instead, get the professional representation you need. Retain national school discipline defense attorney advisor Jos