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Whether you're a Blue Jay or a Husker, getting into medical school is an incredible feat you should be proud of. Both medical schools in Nebraska expect their students to not only meet their high expectations but exceed them. For some students, this can be seriously overwhelming, and in some instances, they may succumb to the pressure and violate their school's honor policy. If you find yourself in a similar situation, reach out to an attorney advisor. Attorney advisors will be able to guide you on what steps you should take next to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Academic and Professionalism Policies for Nebraska Medical Students

All medical schools lay out a specific honor policy they expect their students to follow. The specifics of the policy may change from school to school, but they generally outline the academic and professional responsibilities the students need to uphold. For example, at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, their Code of Conduct asks students to create an environment free of cheating, harassment, and sexual misconduct that builds respect for other individuals and cultures.

Medical students who are accused of disobeying these standards will be brought before the school's designated decision board. The name of the board will change from school to school, but their job is to review the infraction and determine if you should be given the opportunity to continue to study there or be expelled.

These proceedings can be confusing, and, unfortunately, many medical schools are unsure of the extent of the due process rights they must extend to the accused student, allowing that student to be unnecessarily sanctioned. Attorney advisors can help lessen these adverse penalties by gathering evidence and witnesses to speak on your behalf during the proceedings.

Remediation at Nebraska Medical Schools

The nature of medicine means that physicians are held to a higher standard than most other professions. They must balance compassion and cleverness so that their patients both feel safe and protected. The only way to reach such a high standard is to be properly educated – academically and professionally. Nebraska medical schools will test their students on their understanding of medicine and on what makes up good patient care. Only after seeing how students fair in these types of testing will the medical school know that the student is ready to advance.

At Creighton University School of Medicine, they will review your performance and determine if you are ready to advance to the next year or clerkship. If they find that you do not have the knowledge or skills to move forward from year one to year two or year two to year three, they may allow you to retake a course or exam. But if you fail a clerkship or selective during your third year of medical school, you must repeat that clerkship or selective during its regular scheduled course dates – which means your expected date of graduation may be pushed off accordingly.

Remediation is different at every school, and it is important to be familiar with the process so that if the time comes, you know your options. If you are forced to push off your graduation date, an attorney advisor may be able to help you fight for earlier remediation. Or, if your school does not offer remediation at all, they will help you fight for an alternative path to continue your studies.

Dismissal from a Nebraska Medical Program

When you get into medical school, you never dream you will be facing potentially being dismissed from the program. But sadly, there are several things that might lead to a dismissal hearing. For instance, at Creighton University, students can be dismissed for everything from cheating and harassment to simply performing poorly on their coursework or in their professional rotations.

Both medical schools in Nebraska give their students an opportunity to present their side of the story before issuing a dismissal. This is where working with an attorney advisor becomes invaluable. Attorney advisors have the experience to not only gather evidence and witnesses but to formulate defense strategies that will guarantee the best possible outcome for your case.

But, if you are insufficiently defended, you might find yourself dealing with serious, long-term consequences. In fact, many students who are dismissed find that they are now in debt for a significant amount of money with no physician's salary to rely on for paying it back. Additionally, you may find that your credits aren't transferable to a new medical program, forcing you to start from the beginning if you can find another medical program willing to admit you.


Dismissal from medical school is serious. There are certain due process rights your school is supposed to afford you, including allowing you to present your case to the disciplinary board, requesting a chance to remediate the course or rotation, facing the person who made the allegations, and offering an opportunity for you to appeal the ruling for dismissal. The board will also notify you to tell you the exact steps to appealing the decision.

For students facing suspension or expulsion, this is your last chance to fight for your dream of being educated at this institution. If you are unsure how to proceed, an attorney advisor will be able to help you navigate the appeals process so you can preserve your future.

In some cases, your appeal may be denied. If this happens, your attorney advisor will be able to contact the Office of General Counsel and begin negotiating for an alternative on your behalf. Generally, these discussions are very successful and garner a better result than a traditional lawsuit might.

Nebraska Medical Student Defense Advisor

You should be very proud of attending medical school in Nebraska. The years you have on campus with your colleagues, professors, and clinical instructors is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But being recommended for dismissal can feel overwhelmingly scary. Suddenly, your dreams of graduation and life as a doctor are up in the air. Attorney Joseph D. Lento has devoted his professional career to supporting students accused of violating their university's code of conduct – whether academically or professionally - from the long-term personal, financial, and academic hardships that might occur. He and his team understand the best defense is a quick defense and will help protect your medical career goals. Call the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686 to discuss your case or schedule a time online.

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