College of Saint Elizabeth Title IX Violations

The College of Saint Elizabeth pursues acts of sexual misconduct with diligence. The College utilizes its Title IX Policy to outline what is considered sexual misconduct, along with how the College will enact disciplinary measures against students charged with applicable offenses. This policy is separate from what the College utilizes for administering discipline for standard instances of behavioral or academic misconduct. The process itself is overseen by the College's Title IX Coordinator.

College of Saint Elizabeth Title IX Process

The process will begin once the Title IX Coordinator receives information regarding a complaint of sexual misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator will then assign an investigator to review the complaint and gather information on the case. Throughout the process, the student who filed the initial complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student facing the allegations will be known as the "respondent." If the College has any reason to believe that the respondent poses a threat to the complainant or the College community, certain interim measures may be taken to protect the complainant or community. This can include rescheduling of classes, changes in housing, temporary suspensions, or no contact orders. Complaints will be resolved through either a formal or informal process.

Informal Procedure

An informal process will be used when the complainant agrees to a resolution through these means. Informal resolutions vary in their methods, however, these resolutions will not be used for acts of sexual violence. The complainant may also change the pro