Student Defense: Alexander Blewett III School of Law

The Alexander Blewett III School of Law (Blewett Law) is a public law school established in 1911. It is the only law school in the state of Montana. The law school receives consistent recognition for its law programs that merge theory and practice. Additionally, it has one of the top National Resources and Environmental Law programs nationwide and a robust environmental training program. After students graduate, they have many career opportunities to look forward to due to the institution's exceptional reputation. But to get to that point, students must also demonstrate the highest principles of ethical behavior and avoid academic misconduct.

Law students have to juggle multiple responsibilities to keep up with their programs. The stress of performance, coupled with the expectations of families, professors, and peers, often becomes overwhelming over time. Although you may expect these issues before starting your program, staying afloat may become increasingly difficult. To keep up, you may make mistakes or experience lapses in judgment that ultimately harm your graduation prospects. After facing a hearing panel, you may receive sanctions that include probation, suspension, or expulsion. Without the guidance of a skilled attorney-advisor, you may not graduate due to an innocent mistake.

Honor Code Violations

According to the honor code at Blewett Law, students must conduct themselves in an exemplary manner to become competent and ethical attorneys. The law school recognizes multiple forms of misconduct that include writing, examinations and assessments, property, misrepresentation, and violating the student conduct code. Any action that goes against the ethical principles established by the law school and th