The Challenges of Continuing Education: Cal State LA, College of Professional and Global Education

Going back to school is a big decision. Certainly, the experience can be rewarding, but there's a lot to think about before you get started.

For one thing, it's probably been a minute or two since you were in college. Professors don't teach the way they used to. Classrooms don't look the way they used to. No one throws the frisbee around the quad anymore: They're all wearing VR goggles and throwing some virtual frisbees around a virtual quad. Well, maybe not just yet, but things have definitely changed, and that can be daunting.

You've changed too. This time around, you have a completely new set of priorities. “Finding yourself” and looking “cool” while you do it has been replaced by making sure your mortgage is paid on time and cleaning up after your five-year-old.

Bottom line: you need to know what you're in for, and you need all that information in a handy condensed version you can digest during the five minutes or so you have to yourself in the afternoons before the kids get home from school.

You're in luck. Below, you'll find all the answers you need to all your most important questions about continuing education (CE), plus—even more important—details about how to find help when you need it.


The Cal State Los Angeles Continuing Education program is administered by the school's College of Global and Professional Education (PaGE). Students can earn degrees and certificates in five different “sectors”:

  • Arts, Communication, Entertainment
  • Business, Finance, Law
  • Biotech and Healthcare