Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University is a medical-focused University with several colleges within itself. The University itself has a unified Code of Conduct that lists the rights and responsibilities of students. There are several Standards of Conduct listed within the Code. Students who fail to adhere to these standards may be found responsible for misconduct. Misconduct will result in one of many forms of discipline from the University.

After receiving allegations of misconduct against a student, the University will launch an Investigation of Misconduct. University personnel will handle the investigation and attempt to gain insight into the situation and the facts of the matter.

Thomas Jefferson University Judicial System

The University's process for handling matters of misconduct is their Judicial System. The University will appoint a Judicial Board to handle each individual case. Each College will have a Hearing Board that is made up of one University administration member, 2 faculty members of the College, and 2 students enrolled in the College where the violation occurred. There will also be a non-voting Chair who presides over the hearing and directs the proceedings.


The hearing process is initiated by the sending of written misconduct charges from the student's College Dean or Provost to the Judicial Board. The hearing will then take place within 15 business days of the Board receiving the charge. Students facing misconduct allegations will then be notif