Academic Progression at Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is among the top schools in the country. As you might expect, then, it takes academic performance very seriously. Fail to earn enough credits in a semester, or fail to keep your GPA high enough, and you could find yourself on probation or even dismissed from the school entirely.

Here's the thing: none of us is perfect. You're obviously smart and capable, or you wouldn't have gotten into Georgia Tech in the first place. That doesn't mean you won't lose your way along the path to your diploma. Maybe a bad breakup sends you into an emotional tailspin, and you wind up missing a lot of class. Maybe you just can't wrap your head around differential equations. Whatever the issue, you shouldn't let it keep you from graduating.

If you're facing academic progression issues, National Student attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento may be able to help. He's no better at differential equations than you are, but he's spent years working with students at schools across the country, and he knows how all the processes and procedures at Georgia Tech work. Whether you're looking to negotiate with a professor for a higher grade or file an appeal to prevent dismissal, you owe it to yourself to find out what Joseph D. Lento can do for you.

Academic Progression Requirements at Georgia Tech

As a student at Georgia Tech, you are subject to the school's Academic Standing policy. There are five standing classifications:

  • Good: If you're in good academic standing, you are meeting all academic requirements and making sufficient progress toward completing your degree.
  • Warning: Tech