Medical Residents – Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital's Top Value and Reputation

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is one of the leading medical facilities in the country, ranking at number seven in the country for heart surgery and number two for diabetes and endocrinology treatment. They put patient care first and pride themselves on providing outstanding service to their patients and their families. As a teaching hospital, MGH offers several residencies, fellowships, and internships for young doctors hoping to grow their professional and personal skills. During the three-year medical residency program, students are expected to learn clinical skills, leadership and team-building proficiencies, and hospital and systems-level management.

Any student who is accepted into the MGH medical residency program should be extremely proud. This highly competitive program promises a prosperous future career if completed successfully.

Medical Resident Policies at Massachusetts General Hospital

Medical residencies at hospitals as well-known and distinguished as MGH are not going to be easy. Like most residencies, students are expected to abide by specific standards to progress through the program. While the exact standards are only disclosed to current residents, they tend to follow a similar structure as the list below: