The Lento Law Firm Team

How to Build and Offer the Strongest Team

Strong teams don't just happen. They don't just coalesce out of nowhere, with no purpose or planning. Strong teams are, instead, usually the result of the dream and vision of the founder, owner, chief executive, coach, or manager. Strong teams are also usually the result of the values and commitments of that team visionary, creator, and leader. Strong teams don't just arise out of a pure vision. They also take passion, persistence, and great effort, borne out of the founder's single-minded purpose. And strong teams that provide expert professional services don't arise without the founder and leader having a mind for service and heart for people. As the following story shows, the Lento Law Firm team arose out of exactly these qualities, commitments, and purposes.

A Star Attorney

National academic administrative attorney Joseph D. Lento, the founder and namesake of the Lento Law Firm is an extraordinarily skilled, experienced, committed, and effective advocate. College and university students and others in academia needing academic or misconduct discipline defense need an attorney with abundant academic administrative knowledge, skills, and experience. A local attorney in general practice, or even a criminal defense attorney or other litigation attorney, generally doesn't have that critical academic administrative knowledge, skills, and experience. If you face an academic administrative proceeding in which your education is at risk, then you can do no better than to retain national academic administrative attorney Joseph Lento.

Leading a Star Team

But strong teams, not only strong individuals, win victories. And star teams, not only star solo attorneys, win academic administrative cases. For your best r