University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) Title IX And Sexual Misconduct Policies

Are You Facing a College Sexual Misconduct Complaint?

If you are a UIC student facing Sexual Misconduct allegations, the first step is to find a Title IX attorney to help you understand your rights and the fine details of new and existing regulations. Sexual Misconduct charges can have serious consequences for your academic career and future professional opportunities. The charges may not be easily dismissed or explained away, even if you think it was all a misunderstanding. Universities often move quickly to address any Sexual Misconduct mandatory reporting or complaints, often at the expense of a fair process for the accused. An experienced Title IX attorney knows how the New Rule (formally known as the "Title IX Final Rule") has impacted UIC Sexual Misconduct policies and the best strategy to obtain a positive outcome for you in your case.

UIC Rules On Cases Excluded By Narrower Scope Of The New Title IX

The New Title IX offers students accused of Sexual Misconduct better legal protections, but pertains to fewer cases due to its narrower Title IX scope and definition. The Final Rule explicitly states that Sexual Misconduct allegations against students or employees that do not fall under Title IX jurisdiction may be handled “in any manner the school chooses.” In fact, many colleges have stated their intentions to