Lebanon Valley College Title IX Violations

Lebanon Valley College treats any and all incidents of sexual misconduct that arise within its student body very seriously. The College upholds a Sexual Misconduct Policy that outlines what behaviors constitute sexual misconduct, as well as what disciplinary actions will be taken by the College against the student. The disciplinary process used for sexual misconduct is similar to what is used for standard misconduct, however, certain measures will apply due to the nature of the allegations.

Lebanon Valley College Sexual Misconduct Process

The process for resolving sexual misconduct begins once a complaint is filed with a College official. Throughout the process, the student who files the complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student that faces allegations will be known as the "respondent." The College will begin an investigation into the incident. The Title IX Coordinator will be responsible for assigning an investigator to the case. Investigations consist of meetings with the students, and a collection of a written statement. The investigator will decide if the case should move forward to the stage of formal charges from the College. If it is believed that they pose a threat to the College community, students may face an interim suspension imposed upon them.

If a case is to move forward to a hearing, a hearing board will be assembled for the adjudication of the case. At hearings, the hearing board will present the charges to the respondent. The respondent will then enter their response to accept or deny responsibility for the charges. After this, the complainant will make introductory remarks and present their case and supporting information and witnesses. They will be subject to