What is the role of an advisor in the student disciplinary process?

The role of the adviser in the student disciplinary process is to understand the school's policies, what to expect in terms of what would be taking place to address and adjudicate the case, to advise their client as to the nature of the case, potential consequences. Because of the nature of being accused of something and the problems that will come of being accused, to avoid the potential pitfalls and missteps that could come about during the course of a campus disciplinary proceeding, the adviser is there for support, emotional, psychological, to prepare a client for meetings. An experienced attorney-adviser, to take additional steps as necessary to help try to achieve a favorable outcome, negotiate with the Title IX office, negotiate, speak to the school's Office of General Counsel, the school's attorney. An experienced attorney-adviser is going to be an accused student's best resource in terms of trying to achieve a favorable outcome.