Is a college's or university's training material required to be disclosed under the Title IX Final Rule?

A college or university's training materials are required to be disclosed under the Title IX Final Rule. The training materials would need to be made available either on the school's website or otherwise made available for the public to inspect. This would include any and all training materials, say, be it involving the fundamental aspects of Title IX, the Title IX definition of sexual harassment, the scope of a school's education program or activities, a school's Title IX investigation and grievance process.

Also, training materials related to how to conduct a live hearing, a virtual hearing rape shield protections for the complainant. All of these training materials need to be made available. This was an issue that the Title IX Final Rule felt it necessary to address because, under prior guidance, training materials were often kept hidden from all parties involved outside the school. The complainants and respondents, for example, often would not have access to these training materials. So much is at stake in a Title IX case.

Having an experienced attorney advisor can help you best navigate the process and can help you work towards trying to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome. They should be involved from as early as possible in a case.