Medical Residents at Boston Medical Center (BMC)

Boston Medical Center Residencies

The Boston Medical Center (BMC) is a leading training hospital committed to shaping the next generation of doctors. If you're a resident here, you've already shown how talented, diligent, and hard-working you are. Now, as you embark upon this next stage in your medical career, you should congratulate yourself for making it this far.

BMC partners with Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine to deliver high-quality, consistent medical training to every resident that walks through its doors. By working here, you can expect a well-rounded and challenging residency that will prepare you for a career in medicine. However, in return for providing you with a residency, BMC expects a high level of professionalism and clinical competence from you. BMC will track your performance closely, and even a minor policy violation or oversight could prove costly.

Although BMC has procedures in place to help you resolve medical residency issues before they become serious, there's no guarantee these procedures will be applied as they should be. That's where the Lento Law Firm comes in. Joseph Lento and the Medical Residency Team will do everything they can to support you if you're facing disciplinary action – call us at 888.535.3686 for more information.

BMC Policies for Medical Residents

If you're undertaking a BMC residency, you're obligated to follow various bylaws, p