Title IX Advisor for Hearings in Georgia

The federal law Title IX can impact your case if you have been accused of sexual misconduct in Georgia. This law pressures schools to prosecute accused students, often at the expense of their rights to a fair hearing. A Title IX hearing advisor like Joseph D. Lento can minimize this prejudice and maximize your odds of success through effective preparation, strong advocacy, and a long-term plan that ensures your rights are protected.

Preparing for a Title IX Hearing

Attorney Lento can help accused students in Georgia by handling the preparation process that comes between the accusation and the Title IX hearing. Without his professional help, this process can be overwhelming and confusing. Attorney Lento can:

  • Decide what the best line of defense in your case will be, based on your interests and the facts of the case
  • Find evidence of your innocence and the accuser's lack of credibility through character witnesses and other sources of information
  • Line up expert testimony if it would likely help your case
  • Craft opening and closing statements that are designed to appeal to the people who will hear your case
  • Predict the questions you are likely to be asked during the hearing and determine the best way to answer them with integrity and conviction
  • Coach the proper demeanor to use during the hearing
  • Provide the emotional support that even the strongest students can need during this difficult and critical point in their college careers

Preparing for a Title IX hearing with