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Mary Imogene Basset Hospital (Basset Medical Center) is a teaching hospital established in 1922 in Cooperstown, New York. Basset Medical Center is affiliated with Colombia University and has a robust academic program for residents and fellows. Its prestigious affiliation with Colombia University means that medical residents receive top-tier training in an environment that fosters exceptional training opportunities. However, residents must follow the policies and professional responsibilities expected of them while they are attending their programs. Moreover, they must strive to progress academically to maintain their placement in the program. Being part of this organization creates multiple opportunities for growth and a strong career.

Being a resident is an upgrade from completing medical school. It allows you to start training in the specialty of your choice in a real-world environment. However, mistakes happen, as do violations and lags in performance. Although supervisors understand that this is a regular part of any residency, some issues are severe enough to warrant a dismissal. If you are a resident at Bassett Medical Center facing permanent dismissal, you need the representation of a skilled attorney. Facing the matter alone may cause irreparable damage to your progress, and you may need to find a new program.

Mary Imogene Basset Hospital Top Value and Reputation

The Code of Conduct at Bassett Medical Center outlines the behavioral expectations that the network expects from its residents. Suppose you are a resident engaging in unprofessional conduct or cannot progress in the program. In that case, you will face problems and dismissal from the program. Medical residents at Basset Medical center must abide by the policies to remain enrolled and complete their residency program without issues.

Because these residencies are competitive, the administration will not hesitate to replace your position with another qualified candidate. All the hard work, time, and funds dedicated to competing for your program no longer matter if you receive a dismissal. Due to these reasons, you must adhere to the policies to maintain a good reputation and maintain your performance to remain in the program.

Risk of Violating Mary Imogene Basset Hospital Policies

Basset Medical Center enforces compliance with multiple policies to maintain the network's reputation and integrity. Although these expectations are commonplace for any high-caliber institution, residents still deserve due process when accused of actions. Accusations potentially have life-long implications for their career. The code outlines multiple policies that residents have to follow, which include:

  • The code of ethics contains information on behavior, patient services, professionalism, clinical research, and financial services.
  • The commitment to compliance includes actions that comply with the law, patient care, conflicts in leadership, accountability, disruptive conduct, and confidential information
  • Anti-referral, healthcare fraud, and abuse legislations that deal with claims, remuneration, submitting false information, conflicts of interest, the gratuity policy, and antitrust regulations

Basset Medical Center is a highly regulated institution since it is responsible for patient care. If you cannot maintain the standards listed within the code, it leads to the end of your residency. Although no medical resident attends Basset Medical Center with the intent to violate its policies, unexpected things happen. Lapses in judgment, especially in such a stressful environment with long working hours, can take a heavy toll. Regardless of your purpose, the impact of your actions may cause substantial issues for the hospital. These reasons are enough to maintain exemplary professional behavior and progress to reduce the likelihood of a mishap becoming a problem that extends beyond your residency and into your career.

Protective Procedures for Mary Imogene Basset Hospital Residents

Basset Medical Center takes violations seriously. It established a compliance program to ensure that all actions against the code of conduct receive immediate attention. For example, it created the Compliance Hotline for any person to report issues. It also has procedures to deal with members of the hospital who are aware that violations are occurring but do not report them.

Per the policy, any member of the network who is aware that a resident is conducting business in an unethical or illegal manner must speak to their supervisor. If they are not comfortable doing so, they may call the hotline. The due process policy is not available for those not within the network. However, all residents will have a right to defend themselves in case of a report against them. These reports may lead to suspension, probation, or termination in worst-case scenarios. If you are a medical resident at Bassett Medical Center facing accusations of policy violations or unethical behavior, do not wait to try and resolve the issue alone. Call an experienced attorney who understands these processes for a higher chance of a favorable outcome.

Strong Resident Defense

Medical residencies are an exciting time in any physician's career and give them a base to improve their performance and gain critical knowledge. But with accusations of poor performance or policy violations, your position at Basset Medical Center may end. Whether you made a mistake, had a lapse of judgment, or faced wrongful accusations, you need the help of a professional attorney with years of experience.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento has the knowledge and skills to help you navigate this difficult period in your residency. With his strict attention to detail and experience working with residents throughout the US, attorney Lento works passionately in your best interests. Attorney Lento is a shoulder to rely on when you need winning representation. Losing your placement in a residency program is a life-changing event with severe repercussions lasting for years. You don't have to face this issue alone, especially when unprofessional conduct, failure to progress, and multiple issues can lead to dismissal.

If you or someone you love face dismissal from the residency program at Basset Medical Center, don't delay. Call the Lento Law Firm today for a direct consultation from the Student Defense Team at 888-535-3686.