Oklahoma Title IX Advisor for ROTC

College and university students in Oklahoma that are seeking to pursue a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program can choose from several participating schools. ROTC programs offer a variety of potential benefits for those who commit to a period of military service. These individuals may benefit from superb leadership training, financial assistance toward their education, the opportunity to join a branch of the military as a commissioned officer, and others.

About Title IX

Title IX was an educational amendment established in 1972 that addressed concerns with sexually-based discrimination in all U.S. schools. All schools must create a process that fairly and equitably handles allegations of potential sexual misconduct. Students that commit these serious violations are likely to be suspended or dismissed from the institution.

In collegiate settings, acts of discrimination may occur in areas such as admissions, athletics, accessing benefits, and more. Acts of sexual harassment are also prohibited because data has shown they create a hostile environment that is not conducive to learning. Examples may include appeals for sexual favors or unwelcome advances.

Gender-oriented harassment also violates Title IX and may involve verbal intimidation. Often those who perpetrate these acts will make slurs or further stereotypes related to a “student's actual or perceived sex.” Acts of sexual violence such as rape are also very serious violations of Title IX.

Title IX Proceedings

If the campus administrators believe that the evidence supports the allegations, they may summon all the parties to a hearing. Schools do allow all parties to se