Student Defense Advisor – Greenville-Anderson

Student life is one of the most challenging periods of a person's life. Many college and university students move out of their parents' home for the first time to join a graduate course, live on campus and begin a whole new life. Many students leave behind their hometowns, pets and friends – to move to a completely new city or state, and form a new social circle. Added to this is the burden of coping with demanding study programs, creating and maintaining professional relationships with instructors, finding and paying for housing and transport, and much more.

With the many challenges of being a student, one can't always expect perfection. Students may find themselves involved in fights or conflicts, might find their grades dropping or may find themselves charged with behavioral or sexual misconduct, sometimes unfairly. School authorities tend to want to keep their campuses free of disruptive and violent behavior, and hence, are strict about preventing and punishing such behavior. Disciplinary action taken by school authorities can include a warning, a demotion or failing grade, suspension, dismissal, or worse. This can have a severely detrimental impact on your or your student's career.

If your student finds themselves in disciplinary trouble, consider reaching out to Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm, who have many years of experience representing students and successfully defeating such charges, in school discipline cases. Mr. Lento is well experienced and familiar with the Greenville-Anderson area, and can help protect your student's rights and academic record.

Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin Metro Area

Greenville and Anderson are both major cities within the 824,112 people-large metropolitan statistical area of Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin in the state of South Carolina in the United States. Anderson is also known as the ‘Electric City' and Greenville has at different points been included in ‘The South's Most Tasteful Small Towns' and ‘Best Places to Live' roundups.

The Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin metro area is also home to many large companies including Michelin, Duke Energy, Prisma Health and others, and has some great universities and colleges for higher education.

The Greenville County School District is the largest school district in the state of South Carolina and the 49th largest public school district in the United States, with over 80 elementary, middle and high schools. There is also no dearth of private and charter schools in the area.

With so many educational institutions in the area, each with their own comprehensive set of rules and regulations, other attorneys may find student defense in the area intimidating. But attorney advisor Joseph Lento knows the Greenville-Anderson metro area extremely well, and is well-versed with the rules and regulations of schools in the area. He can support your student with a winning defense strategy, and help them avoid unfair punishment or other consequences.

Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin Metro Area Student Concerns

Students studying in Greenville, Anderson or any of the surrounding cities and counties in that region have their own unique concerns and challenges. With its rural roots and urbane outlook, the area is multicultural and diverse, and may seem unfamiliar or even overwhelming to students at first. On top of contending with cultural differences, students have an obligation to maintain good grades, form friendships and participate in campus clubs and other activities, build a buzzing social life and do much more. This can create behavioral and attitude issues in students. The pressure of getting good grades, keeping up a part-time job and paying their bills could also get to students.

Students may easily find themselves in disciplinary trouble with school authorities, either on minor charges such as class disruption and insubordination, or on more serious charges such as plagiarism, vandalism or even sexual misconduct. An experienced and skilled student defense attorney advisor is crucial in these cases – they can help your student untangle themselves from these disciplinary cases, and avoid severe punishment.

Greenville-Anderson Metro Area Schools

Student defense attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm are available to defend your student against any charges their school, college or university in the Greenville-Anderson area levies against them. The Lento Law Firm provides student defense services in all schools, colleges and universities across the Greenville-Anderson metro area, including the following colleges:

  • Bob Jones University,
  • Furman University,
  • North Greenville University,
  • Harrison College – Anderson,
  • Southern Wesleyan University,
  • Resurrection Power University of Theology and Technology,
  • Strayer University,
  • Anderson University,
  • Greenville Technical College,
  • Ball State University,
  • Hyles Anderson College,
  • East Coast Polytechnic Institute,
  • Legacy Early College,
  • Forrest College,
  • Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology,
  • Earlham School of Religion,
  • Indiana Wesleyan University.

The Lento Law Firm and attorney advisor Joseph Lento also provide winning student defense representation in the following public schools, and others across the Greenville-Anderson metro area:

  • Whitehall Elementary School,
  • Nevitt Forest Elementary School,
  • Montessori School of Anderson,
  • Concord Elementary School,
  • Greensville Elementary School,
  • Belfield Elementary School,
  • Anderson Christian School,
  • New Covenant School,
  • South Carolina Whitmore School,
  • Temple Christian Academy,
  • West Anderson Christian Academy,
  • Greensville High County School,
  • Calvary Kid's Preschool,

The Lento Law Firm and Mr. Lento also provide student defense services in the following private schools, to name just a few:

  • St. Joseph Catholic School,
  • Hilton Head Preparatory School,
  • Southside Christian School,
  • Einstein Academy,
  • Calvary Christian School,
  • Christ Church Episcopal School,
  • First Presbyterian Academy,
  • The Goddard School,
  • Greenville Classical Academy,
  • Bob Jones Academy,
  • Greenville SDA School,
  • Hampton Park Christian School,
  • Haynsworth School,
  • Mauldin Christian Academy,
  • Mitchell Road Christian Academy,
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Elementary School,
  • Our Savior Lutheran Preschool,
  • Prince of Peace Catholic School,
  • St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School,
  • St. Mary's Catholic School,
  • Tabernacle Christian School,
  • Veritas Preparatory School,
  • Westminster Weekday School,
  • Abiding Peace Academy,
  • Abundant Life Christian School,
  • Celebration Christian Academy and Preschool,
  • Conestee Baptist Day School.

Disciplinary Defense in the Greenville-Anderson Metro Area

Students can get into trouble for various issues, from academic misconduct charges to behavioral and sexual misconduct charges. Schools punish students for many behaviors, including any form of cheating or plagiarism, disruptive behavior, bullying or fighting, destructive behavior such as vandalism and property damage, and sexual harassment. These charges can be difficult to defeat or get reduced – especially without strong proof. An experienced student defense expert like Mr. Lento can help you and your student deal with these allegations, and reduce or prevent damage to your academic record.

Academic Progression Issues

Schools, colleges and universities have high standards when it comes to academic performance. They are in the business of certifying and awarding degrees, and have to make sure students adhere to certain standards before they can pass a class or attain a degree or diploma. Additionally, colleges and universities that receive federal funding must ensure their students adhere to SAP (satisfactory academic progression) standards. Greenville University's SAP Policy is one such example, where students are expected and required to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students.

But school authorities don't always apply these standards fairly. This can lead to you or your student being unfairly called out for poor performance, or even awarded a failing grade. Unsatisfactory academic performance can attract disciplinary consequences from a failing grade to temporary suspension and even expulsion.

If you find yourself facing such a situation, consider retaining Joseph Lento for your defense. With over 20 years of experience defending students in the Greenville-Anderson metro area and elsewhere, Mr. Lento knows exactly how the school disciplinary system works, and can ensure that you are not treated unfairly by your school.

Academic Misconduct Issues

Schools, colleges and universities have always come down hard on any sign of academic dishonesty or cheating, and rightfully so. Educational institutions have a duty to ensure students act in a way that is completely above board and attain their degrees in a fair and honest manner. This means that any form of cheating such as plagiarizing an assignment, copying on an exam or taking credit for someone else's work, is taken very seriously and often punished harshly. If you or your student is found indulging in academic dishonesty, they can be punished with a warning, suspension or expulsion. Something like this can have a severely detrimental effect on your student's academic record, and create obstacles while applying for a job, internship, or another study program.

Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm have years of experience defending students against such charges and helping them defeat dismissals. Mr. Lento can provide your student with a winning defense and protect their academic record and career.

Behavioral Misconduct Issues

Schools and colleges abhor any form of indiscipline, especially violent and destructive behavior. Indulging in fighting, theft, bullying, assault or harassment can attract severe disciplinary action, as can lesser actions such as classroom disruption, insubordination or refusal to turn in an assignment.

But sometimes you may find yourself facing a charge for a behavior you were not responsible for, or get caught up in a disciplinary case for no fault of yours. Sometimes there can be mitigating factors for a student's behavior which may entitle them to contest charges levied by their school or college.

Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm know school regulations and codes of conduct extremely well, and can help your student defend themselves against unfair or unwarranted charges. Even if your student is partially or fully responsible for the charges against them, having a specialist student defense attorney advisor by their side can help ensure their school does not go overboard in punishing them and does not infringe on their rights as a student.

Title IX Sexual Misconduct Issues

Under federal Title IX guidelines, colleges and universities receiving federal funding are required to prevent and punish sexual misconduct such as harassment and discrimination. Even schools and colleges that don't receive federal funding usually have strict rules against sexual harassment, sexual abuse and assault, and severely punish students found responsible for these actions. If you find yourself or your student facing charges of sexual misconduct, consider retaining the Lento Law Firm for your defense. With years of experience successfully defending students in such cases, Mr. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's team of exceptional student defense experts can help minimize and defeat the charges against your student and protect their rights.

Being found responsible for sexual misconduct can put a serious black mark against your student's academic record and career. It is best to retain professional legal defense at the earliest to prevent irreversible damage and punitive consequences to your student.

Why Retain a Student Defense Advisor

If your student is charged with any form of misconduct or academic progression issues, you cannot be sure that their school will give them a fair hearing and avoid handing out unwarranted punishment. Being faced with disciplinary charges can be a scary and challenging experience for students and their guardians – and any misstep can result in serious consequences. Having an attorney advisor to guide your student can help ensure they are dealt with fairly and have their rights upheld. Schools can sometimes be overzealous in punishing students they find responsible for misconduct – but this is not always warranted or fair. There may be mitigating circumstances that entitle your student to an appeal, or they may not in fact be responsible for the charges against them.

An experienced student defense attorney advisor can help you navigate the complex rules and regulations of your school or college and ensure you or your student get the best possible outcome and minimize the charges against you. Mr. Lento has over 20 years of experience defending students and helping protect their interests. Consider retaining him and the Lento Law Firm for the best available student discipline defense. Call 888.535.3686 or go online now.