Facing Dismissal From the University of California, Davis

You're smart; you're capable; you're disciplined. That's not always enough to make it through college. Every year, UC Davis dismisses dozens of students for everything from low GPAs to disciplinary misconduct like theft and assault.

You might think you're immune to such problems. Life has a funny way of intervening, though. You never know when you may find yourself in a course with material you just can't seem to wrap your brain around. You can't know when you might go through a bad breakup and suddenly find yourself struggling to make it to class every day or when your temper might suddenly flare up and cause you to punch someone. And keep in mind: you don't have to have done something wrong to find yourself accused of doing something wrong.

If you should find yourself facing dismissal for any reason, you need to know there's help available. National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento is dedicated to making sure university students are treated fairly and that they have every opportunity to complete their degrees successfully, even if they've made a mistake or two. He's helped hundreds of students defend themselves from all kinds of charges, and he's ready to help you.

Reasons for Dismissal at UC Davis

There are lots of reasons UC Davis can dismiss you. For simplicity's sake, though, they can be divided into four basic categories.

  • Academic Misconduct: As you might expect, UC Davis takes a dim view of any form of cheating or dishonesty in your coursework. The Code of Academic Conduct specifically prohibits behaviors such as looking at another student's paper during an exam, inventing false citations in a paper, giv