How can I help my child appeal a university sexual misconduct case in Mississippi? VIDEO

When appealing your child's university sexual misconduct case in Mississippi, it's important to familiarize yourself with the college of university's policies on appeals. Different schools are going to have different appeal processes. For example, at some colleges and universities, the appeal process would take place after a finding of responsibility is made and, or sanctions are imposed after an investigation or a hearing. At other schools, the appeal process would actually start the hearing process. It's important to understand this aspect of the appeal process.

It's also important to understand your school's allowable grounds or allowable basis for an appeal. Different schools are going to have different allowable grounds, most have similar allowable grounds. For example, disproportionate sanction, new evidence reasonably not available during an earlier point in the process, procedural error defect that led to an adverse outcome. It is important to meet the colleges or universities of allowable grounds.

It's also important to meet the school's appeal deadline. You should never go through the appeal process or the disciplinary process in any capacity on your own. If you're at the stage where your son or daughter needs to appeal a finding of responsibility and, or a sanction at a college or university in Mississippi, having an experienced attorney advisor is going to be your son or daughter's best ally through the sexual misconduct appeal process.

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