Academic Progression at Rice University

We don't have to tell you how good a school Rice University is. You know how much hard work and discipline it took to get in.

You probably also know by this point that graduating won't be any walk in the park either. There are some pretty challenging courses at Rice taught by some pretty demanding professors. You wouldn't be the first student who struggled to keep up or the first who faced dismissal.

National Student Defense attorney-advisor believes in your future, though, and wants to make sure you reach it.

You might be surprised by the idea that a lawyer can help with academics. The fact is that most university decisions are less about classroom performance than about navigating complicated rules and procedures. Who handles complicated rules and procedures better than lawyers? And Joseph D. Lento isn't just any lawyer. He built his career helping students deal with the often-maddening bureaucracy of higher education. If you're facing dismissal, or even if you've already been dismissed, you owe it to yourself to find out what he can do for you.

Academic Progression Requirements at Rice University

Steady progress at Rice is all about staying in “good academic standing.”

That phrase signifies that you are doing what you need to as a student and ensures your continued success.

To remain in good academic standing, though, you must meet two important standards. First, you must earn at least a 1.67-grade point average each semester. In addition, you must maintain a 1.67 cumulative grade point average.

Failure to meet either of these standards usually means academic probation. Under academic probation, you are not al