Medical Residents - JPS Health Network

JPS Health Network's Top Value and Reputation

Medical residents at JPS Health Network are part of the largest hospital-based residency program in the nation. Centered in Fort Worth, Texas, JPS Health Network also operates John Peter Smith Hospital, a 573-bed facility providing emergency services, trauma care, and psychiatric support throughout Tarrant County and the metropolitan area. As a respected medical institution, JPS Health Network offers healthcare education across nine residencies in numerous specialties. If you are a medical resident at JPS Health Network, you have access to premier training and instruction, setting you up to begin a rewarding medical career providing care to families and individuals.

Although being selected to work a residency at JPS Health Network is a brilliant start to a promising career, it is not a walk in the park. You have already completed your MD or DO degree from an accredited medical school, and even though residency is focused more on experience-based training, there are still rules and regulations governing behavior and progression. Just because you're out of the lecture halls doesn't mean misconduct won't garner disciplinary action.

Medical Resident Policies at JPS Health Network

All medical residency programs will have standards that each individual must meet as they progress through the program toward becoming a fully-licensed doctor. Each of JPS Health Network's nine residency programs maintains separate policies setting forth the standards of medical care, conduct amongst its residents, and academic progression requirements. They will be found in each specialty's Training Manual. For example, the JPS Health Network