Facing Dismissal From UCLA

You know how important a college degree is and what an enormous difference it can make to your career prospects. It's why you decided to enroll at UCLA in the first place. Enrolling, though, doesn't equal a degree. Getting that piece of paper takes hard work and discipline, and there are plenty of ways your academic career can go wrong along the way. Lose focus on your coursework for a semester, threaten your ex's new partner, get a DUI—any of these could easily get you dismissed from school.

The good news is, whatever problem you might be facing as a student at UCLA, there's help out there. National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento has dedicated his career to helping students deal with the typical—and sometimes not-so-typical—issues that can come up in school. He knows how to protect your rights, and he knows the strategies that can help get your education back on track.

Reasons for Dismissal at UCLA

There are lots of reasons why UCLA might decide to dismiss you. Generally speaking, though, they can all be collected into four basic categories.

  • Academic Performance: First, you can be dismissed for failing to meet academic expectations. That makes sense, right? After all, you're at UCLA to get a degree. Should your term or overall GPA fall below 2.0, you're automatically placed on Academic Probation. Should it fall below 1.5, or should you fail to bring it above 2.0 after being placed on probation, you become Subject to Dismissal (STD) for at least a year. While you can apply for readmission, your return is not guaranteed.
  • Academic Misconduct: You're required to get good grades, but you're also required to