Student Defense: Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine, South Jordan

The Roseman University College of Dental Medicine is a private dental school established in 2010 in South Jordan, Utah. The dental school is part of the Roseman University of Health Sciences complex, which has two locations in Nevada and Utah. The institution offers the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DND) degree within a three-year integrated curriculum that follows a data-driven and clinical education model. After graduation, you'll have a wealth of professional opportunities due to the college's emphasis on leadership, networking, and mentorship.

If you're a dental student at Roseman CDM, you are under considerable pressure to succeed and stay ahead. Although it's not uncommon for a student to make mistakes, some are more problematic than others. Even if you demonstrate high ethical standards and behavior, you may not be able to progress as quickly as your peers. When these issues occur, you need the help of an attorney advisor who specializes in student defense.

Core Values and Code of Conduct

Students must take the white coat pledge upon matriculation at the school of dental medicine. According to the student handbook, students must conduct themselves with the highest ethical and moral standards. Those standards must match the American Dental Association's Principles of Ethics and their understanding of professional conduct. Students should make ethical decisions based on the principles of emotional intelligence, diligence in their pursuits of academic excellence, and professional mastery. Dental students must avoid all behaviors that go against these ethical principles, or they may face sanctions that include suspension and permanent dismissal.

The honor code is part of the student handbook. It describes what behaviors are encouraged and those inconsistent with the school's principles. Some examples of prohibited conduct listed within the honor code include:

  • Deliberately publishing or circulating derogatory information about any member of the university
  • Engaging in harassment or hazing
  • Representing the work of others as one's work
  • Disrupting the learning environment in the deliberate attempt to interfere with or undermine the efforts of other students as they learn

Incidents that involve the violation of these principles, especially when it pertains to academic integrity, are sent to the college's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean who received the report creates an inquiry team that meets with all stakeholders in the case to determine whether the issue warrants a more thorough examination.

Academic Issues and Remediation

Academic progress is at the forefront of concerns at the College of Dental Medicine. As a result, the student handbook indicates that all dental students must achieve performance equivalent to 90% or above on all assessments to continue progression to the curriculum without remediation and reassessment activities. The Academic Performance and Standards Committee (APSC) determines student progress based on the information it receives from Academic Affairs and Clinical Affairs offices.

Although remediation is a burdensome prospect for many dental students, it is a necessary part of your path towards graduation if you're not meeting course requirements. Remediation allows you to regain your footing academically and graduate on time with your peers. In some cases, however, remediation may not be a necessary step to take due to the student's unique circumstances. In these cases, it's best to speak to an advisor to determine whether negotiation with the APSC is possible.

Consequences of Dismissal

In cases where violations are extreme or repetitive, the college of dental medicine may decide to impose harsh sanctions that include suspension and permanent dismissal. A temporary discharge is the lesser of the two evils. However, it still comes with heavy consequences and delays your graduation date. However, you can still graduate later with good behavior and performance. On the other hand, expulsion is a more challenging problem to manage, especially since it comes with repercussions that can have debilitating implications for your future. Some of the problems you may face with expulsion from dental school include:

  • Having the charge listed on your transcript: An expulsion makes it infinitely more difficult to find another program that accepts you and an excellent professional job.
  • Reputation damage: Students accused of misconduct or who have progression issues may find that they'll face harsher judgments from professors, future bosses, and peers.
  • Financial burdens: An expulsion places your finances in havoc. Not only does the charge void all scholarships, but you'll also have extra, unexpected expenses to deal with that increase your overall debt.
  • Difficulty finding a new dental school: Admissions officers will hesitate to accept your application because of your expulsion charge. They prefer high-performing candidates with no blemishes on their record.
  • Loss of morale: With so much going on and a negative outcome to your case, you may not want to continue dental school altogether.

With so much that can go wrong, it's time to contact a professional attorney-advisor to help you get through this nerve-wracking process.

Hiring an Attorney-Advisor

If you face misconduct or academic issues at Roseman, don't face the adjudication process alone. An attorney-advisor decreases your chances of receiving an excessively severe punishment that will significantly impact your future practice. But not any professional works – an advisor specializing in student defense is the safest option for success.

Attorney-Advisor Joseph. D. Lento is the advisor you can trust to get you through this difficult time. With years of experience specializing in student defense, advisor Lento understands what you are going through and what's at stake for your future.

When you hire an advisor, it does not always mean that they will adopt an aggressive approach. Many cases are easily resolvable once an advisor negotiates for a better outcome. With his professional system, detail-oriented methodology, and passion for justice, advisor Lento is a shoulder to rely on when the going gets tough.

If you face issues at Roseman College of Dental Medicine, don't wait until it's too late to take constructive action. Call Attorney-Advisor Lento at the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686.

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