If I was notified that I am being charged for violating a university sexual misconduct policy, should I speak with campus police?

No, you should not speak with campus police. There may come a time in a given case where it may be appropriate to speak to the campus police, but it should not be done so without a fully informed consideration as to what's involved and what's at stake. Schools are often in a rush to judgment. By extension, school police, campus police would be doing the same potentially. They're not looking out for your interest, the school and or the campus police. You have to look out for your own interest.

You need to tell your parents what's going on from as soon as you find out that there's a issue or concern. You also have to get an experienced attorney advisor to help you navigate the process because so much is at stake and ultimately, the campus police, the school, they're not in your corner. They're not looking out for your interest. You cannot depend on them to do the right thing. You have to take the proper precautions. An experienced attorney advisor can help you do so.