Academic Progression at Brown University

College can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You're making new friends, learning new skills, and defining yourself. With its Ivy League history and unique Open Curriculum approach to academics, Brown University offers one of the best opportunities in America to do all of that.

You're smart and capable: you're ready for Brown. We all make mistakes, though, and college students tend to make more than their fair share. Maybe you overslept before that crucial final exam in political science. Maybe you just couldn't wrap your brain around differential equations. Maybe you suffered an identity crisis sophomore year and decided you needed to start over with an new degree.

National Student Defense attorney-advisor, Joseph D. Lento, is committed to the idea that a single mistake or lapse in judgment shouldn't prevent you from pursuing your dreams. He's dedicated his career to helping make sure students just like you get a fair shake from their schools. If you're struggling with academic progress issues at Brown, don't wait to see what might happen. Contact Joseph D. Lento now to find out what he can do for you.

Academic Progression Requirements at Brown University

Here's the good news: Brown University takes an innovative approach to education. As part of this approach, the school doesn't keep track of grade point averages. That means you're free to focus on your studies without the stress of worrying about how you do on this or that test.

However, this approach doesn't mean your progress from term to term and year to year at Brown is guaranteed. The school does have a set of “standing” requirements you must meet in order to move forward. These have to do with how much course credit you earn each term.

There are four standing categories:

  • Good: You are meeting progress standards.</