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From the maize and blue-clad streets of Ann Arbor to the neighborhoods of Motor City, students in Detroit and surrounding areas must accept help when their reputation is in jeopardy. Whether you're facing discipline from allegations of academic misconduct, Title IX, behavioral misconduct, or academic struggles, the Lento Law Firm can help you.

Michiganders and out-of-state transplants know what it means to be gritty, but even the toughest individuals may succumb to the perils of the student disciplinary process. Schools in the Detroit metro area do not always treat students fairly and can damage the student's name and professional goals by issuing heavy-handed discipline.

Our firm maintains a nationwide focus on student defense. We understand the challenges that you or your student face, and we'll fight for the ideal resolution to the problem.

Detroit Metropolitan Area - Dearborn, Warren, Ann Arbor, and Nearby Locales

Detroit has always been the city that outsiders associate with The Wolverine State. While Detroit is still the most prominent metropolis in Michigan, there are many other cities that host large universities and prominent K-12 schools—Dearborn, Warren, and Ann Arbor being among those cities.

Students in this area of the country face certain challenges that don't necessarily exist in other regions of the U.S.

In Detroit, a student may have to work a job while in school, worry about their safety, and deal with the other troubles of being a young person. In Ann Arbor, balancing academics with a communal fervor for college sports can be difficult. For all students in Michigan, the dreary days of winter can present psychological challenges.

Whatever the reason for your or your student's current student defense issue, the Lento Law Firm wants to tell your entire story in the course of defending you. We advocate for students facing discipline in the Detroit metroplex and serve the cities of:

  • Dearborn
  • Warren
  • Ann Arbor
  • Auburn Hills
  • Ypsilanti
  • Troy
  • Sterling Heights
  • Livonia
  • Canton
  • Kingsville
  • Belle River
  • Monroe
  • Dundee
  • Chelsea
  • Brighton

If you're in close proximity to Detroit, and you or your student are facing school discipline of any kind, contact the Lento Law Firm. We represent students coast to coast, and we want to fight for any student in Michigan whose future is at risk.

We Serve Students Attending the Most Prominent Schools in Detroit, Dearborn, Warren, Ann Arbor, and Surrounding Cities

Because the Lento Law Firm has represented students across the nation for many years, we've gained an uncommon familiarity with schools in Michigan. Our experience has introduced us to the leading K-12 schools and universities in the Detroit metro area, including:

Colleges and Universities in the Detroit Metro Area

Though the Detroit metro area is traditionally known for industry, it serves as home to several accredited universities, including:

  • University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • University of Michigan - Flint
  • Wayne State University
  • University of Detroit Mercy
  • Oakland University
  • Madonna University
  • Henry Ford College
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Wayne County Community College District
  • Walsh College
  • Macomb Community College
  • Schoolcraft College
  • Adrian College
  • Siena Heights University
  • Concordia University Ann Arbor
  • Kettering University
  • Cleary University

University students have worked hard to achieve college entry and failing to graduate is simply not an option for most. You need to actively oppose any discipline that your university is considering. Having a Michigan advisor work towards a resolution could be the clearest way to maintain the road to graduation.

Graduate and Specialty Collegiate Programs in the Detroit Metroplex

If undergraduate students in Michigan have worked hard to get where they are, graduate students have worked really hard to attain entry to grad school. Those attending non-traditional universities may have also invested substantial time and effort into their education, so we work to protect students attending:

  • College for Creative Studies
  • Sacred Heart Major Seminary
  • Lawrence Technological University
  • University of Michigan Graduate Programs
  • Ecumenical Theological Seminary
  • Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Detroit
  • Chamberlain University College of Nursing
  • MIAT College of Technology Canton
  • All other graduate schools and specialty colleges in the Detroit metro area

If your graduate or specialty program is not listed here, the Lento Law Firm may still assist you.

K-12 Private Schools

Unfortunately, mistakes or misunderstandings during a student's formative years can affect their future. The Lento Law Firm will defend your K-12 private school student who is facing any type of discipline from:

  • Cranbrook Schools
  • Detroit Country Day School
  • Greenhills School
  • Farmington Public Schools
  • The Roeper School - Birmingham Schools
  • Franklin Jewish Academy of Metro Detroit
  • University Liggett School
  • Brother Rice High School
  • Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor
  • Notre Dame Preparatory School & Marist Academy
  • Academy of the Sacred Heart
  • Detroit Catholic Central High School
  • Mercy High School
  • University of Detroit High Jesuit High School and Academy
  • Michigan Islamic Academy
  • Marian High School
  • Everest Collegiate High School and Academy
  • Southfield Christian School
  • St. Mary's Preparatory School
  • Plymouth Christian Academy
  • Farber Hebrew Day School - Yeshivat Akiva
  • Shrine Catholic High School
  • Auburn Hills Christian School
  • Father Gabriel Richard High School
  • Novi Christian Academy
  • Divine Child High School
  • East Arbor Charter Academy
  • West Bloomfield School District

We take a respectful approach to student defense, especially when it involves K-12 students. Our team understands that your child may need to remain at their current school and does not want to face lingering tension because of the issue that they currently face. We'll seek a resolution that all parties find acceptable.

K-12 Public Schools

Public school students are not immune from false accusations, uneven enforcement of disciplinary policies, and other hazards beyond their control. In some cases, public school students make mistakes and need to minimize the harm that the mistake causes.

Our team helps students attending public schools in the Detroit metro area, including:

  • Renaissance High School
  • Cass Technical High School
  • Benjamin Carson High School of Science & Medicine
  • Central High School
  • Cody High School
  • Communication and Media Arts High School
  • Davis Aerospace Technical High School at Golightly
  • Denby High School
  • Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern
  • Henry Ford High School
  • Detroit School of Arts
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School
  • Mumford High School
  • Osborn High School
  • Southeastern High School
  • All other K-12 public schools throughout the Detroit metro area

Public school districts do not always excel at seeing students as individuals, rather than numbers. The Lento Law Firm will ensure that your child receives the due process they're entitled to in the greater Detroit area.

Academic and Non-Academic Issues that the Lento Law Firm Resolves

Being a student in Michigan means dealing with pressures both in and out of the classroom. Family life, personal relationships, athletics-related challenges, mental health struggles, and other challenges of growing up all contribute to a student's performance while at school.

The Lento Law Firm works closely with students from all walks of life, so we understand that student discipline cases are often complex. We help students in the Detroit metro area facing all sorts of issues, including:

Academic Progression Issues

Most schools worth attending in Michigan have minimum academic standards. When a student fails to meet those minimum standards, the school may:

  • Revoke financial aid
  • Issue a reprimand
  • Place the student on academic probation
  • Suspend the student
  • Require the student to repeat a class, semester, or entire year
  • Dismiss the student

One look at Cranbrook Schools' curriculum shows why a student at this or another school might struggle. Your student may be expected to take full advantage of AP, Honors, and Advanced courses but may have trouble acclimating to such a challenging course load.

In the case of universities like Eastern Michigan, students must show Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to maintain financial aid. If you or your student have not shown SAP, then the university may revoke financial aid, among other punitive measures.

We may be able to prompt a grade change or secure another acceptable resolution. By resolving any academic progression issues that you or your student are facing, we may keep a clean academic record and help you advance further towards graduation.

Academic Misconduct Allegations

Schools of all kinds in Michigan generally prohibit:

  • Turning in another person's work as your own
  • Plagiarism
  • Exchanging answers to an exam in any way that provides an advantage
  • Failing to report another student's academic misconduct
  • Using “cheat sheets” or electronic devices to gain an advantage
  • Other unacceptable forms of academic misconduct

If you or your student are accused of academic misconduct, the disciplinary process ahead may pose a great risk. Having a Michigan advisor accompany you through an investigation, hearing, and any necessary appeal may protect your rights and lead to a positive outcome.

At the University of Michigan, students accused of academic misconduct can expect:

  • The instructor to propose a sanction, and the student to have the opportunity to accept or reject proposed sanctions. If the student rejects the sanctions, then they can expect…
  • The Office of Assistant Dean (OAD) to complete an investigation
  • The OAD to issue a finding of culpability or non-culpability

If you or your student are found responsible for alleged academic misconduct, then “A student…may submit, through the Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Academic Affairs, a written appeal to the LSA Academic Judiciary Committee.”

An attorney-advisor can be especially helpful in completing the appeals process. Your ability to appeal may fall within strict time constraints, and attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento will work quickly to submit your appeal as soon as necessary.

Behavioral Misconduct Allegations in the Detroit Metro Area

Detroit Public Schools maintain a behavioral policy that governs all students. Private and public K-12 schools and universities may have similar policies which set behavioral benchmarks and outline disciplinary processes for alleged violations.

Behaviors such as violence, sexual misconduct, drug and alcohol use, and overt disrespect may be grounds for school-issued discipline. These cases can be complex, though, as definitions of student misconduct shift over time.

Know that a school can issue harsh discipline to you or your student, altering the course of their life in the process. Our team will review your case and develop a strategy for resolving any allegations of behavioral misconduct.

Title IX Allegations

Federal amendments referred to as Title IX govern all schools that receive federal aid. This includes universities but also K-12 schools. You or your student may face a Title IX investigation if accused of:

  • Gender-based harassment
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Criminal sexual acts
  • Any other offense covered by Title IX

Title IX allegations are touchy, especially at a time when those accused of certain types of misconduct could be presumed guilty rather than innocent. The Lento Law Firm has represented many students falsely accused of Title IX-related misconduct. We will fight to preserve your or your student's reputation.

Why Hire a Nationwide Student Discipline Defense Attorney-Advisor?

It does not matter whether you think highly or poorly of the school that you or your child attend. If there is any possibility of a negative outcome ahead, you want to hire an attorney-advisor who is unequivocally in your corner.

Whether you or your student are facing expulsion or merely a reprimand, every form of discipline can compromise a student's future. When universities are choosing between two applicants or employers are doing the same, the smallest blemish on a student's record can make all the difference.

The Lento Law Firm fights for the best possible outcome in the cases we handle. The best outcome in your case may include:

  • A complete dismissal of the allegations against you or your student
  • A reduction in sanctions against you or your student
  • A grade change, which may prevent consequences like revocation of financial aid, failing a course, or repetition of coursework
  • Another outcome

Because of our firm's focus on student defense, we employ a variety of case strategies. We may utilize your school's disciplinary process, negotiate with the school's attorneys (Office of General Counsel), or file a lawsuit on your behalf—though we generally try to secure a quicker, easier resolution.

You deserve a law firm that makes student defense a priority. Call the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686 or provide your case details online.

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If you, or your student, are facing any kind of disciplinary action, or other negative academic sanction, and are having feelings of uncertainty and anxiety for what the future may hold, contact the Lento Law Firm today, and let us help secure your academic career.

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