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If you're facing disciplinary action at a North Carolina college, you're probably anxious about what will happen next. You worked hard to get into college, and now your future seems uncertain. And if you're the parent of a child facing academic dismissal, you'll naturally be concerned about how the dismissal could affect your child's future.

What's important is that you don't give up on yourself or your child's education. Even if it feels like a school has turned its back on you, there's still help available. In fact, it's often possible to negotiate with a school even after you've been dismissed or lost an appeal, so don't lose hope.

The Lento Law Firm wants to help with your academic dismissal or misconduct discipline in North Carolina, so tell us about your case today. In the meantime, though, if you're facing school sanctions, here are some avenues for relief you might not know about.

Academic Progress Dismissal in North Carolina

North Carolina schools, if they accept students receiving federal loans, must have procedures in place to monitor academic progress. If a school determines that a student isn't making satisfactory academic progress (SAP), then they can dismiss the student from the program.

What constitutes satisfactory academic progress varies by school. However, here are some examples of what SAP could mean in North Carolina.

  • North Carolina State University: Students could be suspended if their GPA falls below 2.0 or, at the end of any term, there's a grade point deficit of 15 or more.
  • Duke University: A Duke student faces “involuntary withdrawal” if they fail to pass at least three courses in any semester or they don't meet annual continuation requirements.
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Students are expected to maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 per semester, or else they may not be eligible to continue.

Despite these processes, a school may dismiss a student unfairly by failing to take the right grades into consideration or by applying their own rules too harshly. For example, the school might fail to take extenuating circumstances into account, or they may fail to acknowledge courses you completed for academic credit.

Students can often appeal academic suspension or dismissal by following the procedures set out in the school handbooks. And sometimes, it's possible to avoid SAP dismissal if you challenge the school's SAP policy or how the school applied its own rules. If you're facing an academic dismissal, give the Lento Law Firm a call on 888.535.3686 to discuss your case with an experienced attorney-advisor.

Challenging a Misconduct Discipline or Dismissal

Schools across North Carolina are expected to have clear procedures for handling student misconduct allegations.

A disciplinary system is required to satisfy state and federal laws, including Title IX laws, and to limit the school's liability for various harms that may occur on campus. These procedures are normally set out in a school's code of conduct or student handbook. North Carolina State University, for example, has a detailed Code of Student Conduct and Student Discipline Procedures, and Duke University has its own Community Standard.

Schools can impose a wide range of disciplinary sanctions on students, from formal reprimands all the way through to dismissal. However, schools don't always discipline students fairly. They might misinterpret their own misconduct rules, or they could fail to consider all the relevant facts. And sometimes, they may even discipline students based on false, inaccurate, or exaggerated claims.

A misconduct discipline or dismissal could put a promising young student's entire future at risk. If you're facing a misconduct discipline, or you've already been suspended or dismissed, Joseph Lento wants to help. Don't give up on your education. Instead, tell the Lento Law Firm about your case.

What Disciplinary Action Means for Students

For any student, the consequences of disciplinary action can be drastic.

In the short term, students face a whole range of challenges. Not only may students feel anxious, worried, or stressed about their future, but they also have financial consequences to deal with. They may also worry about what their friends and family think about the incident, especially if they're a bright, hardworking, and diligent student.

Long-term consequences are equally significant. Any permanent mark on a student's academic record can jeopardize their chances of completing their degree, receiving awards or scholarships, or even finding a place at another school. It could also impact their employment prospects in the future, stop them from getting references, or prevent them from pursuing a chosen career path.

When it comes to student discipline, there's a lot at stake, and you need an advisor-attorney on your side to represent your best interests. Don't leave anything to chance and instead seek help from the Lento Law Firm.

Appealing Misconduct Discipline or SAP Dismissal

As mentioned, you can often appeal a school disciplinary action or SAP dismissal in North Carolina. The grounds for appeal vary depending on the school; however, you can usually appeal a serious sanction such as suspension or academic dismissal based on grounds such as:

  • The school made a mistake when applying its disciplinary rules
  • There's new information available that supports the student's position

If you haven't already appealed a decision, it's best you don't attempt to deal with the school alone. Instead, call the Lento Law Firm now on 888.535.3686 to retain an attorney-advisor with the experience to handle your case.

How Else You Might Challenge Disciplinary Action

Maybe you've already appealed a decision made by your North Carolina college. If you lost the appeal, you're probably feeling a little defeated and worried about the future. But don't panic. It's still possible to challenge the school's decision and get back to your education.

With help from an attorney-advisor like Joseph Lento, you have two options: negotiating with the school or filing a lawsuit.

Alternative Relief Negotiations

If you're challenging a disciplinary decision, chances are you want to return to campus, resume your studies, complete your degree, and put this whole matter behind you. Joseph Lento wants to help you do just that, which is why he will attempt to negotiate with your school on your behalf.

As an attorney-advisor with many years' worth of experience in student defense, Joseph Lento is well placed to represent your best interests during school negotiations. He is respected among attorneys who represent different schools, including attorneys who serve in various Offices of General Counsel (OGCs), and he understands what's required to negotiate a solution that benefits all parties.

The Lento Law Firm aims to help you return to your studies even after you've lost an appeal. There are few attorneys with Joseph Lento's student defense experience, and he'll use his knowledge to ensure that your case gets the fair hearing it truly deserves.

If you feel like your North Carolina college or university has given up on you, don't despair. Tell the firm about your case to learn more about how he can help you.

Filing a Lawsuit

With an experienced attorney-advisor on your side, it's often possible to resolve matters without resorting to formal legal action. Lawsuits are inherently confrontational, and it's often better for the student to pursue a less combative solution.

Attorney Joseph Lento will do everything possible to resolve matters peacefully with your school to avoid filing a lawsuit. However, if the Lento Law Firm reviews your case and deems a lawsuit appropriate, we will guide you through the process.

Why Retain an Attorney-Advisor?

A SAP dismissal or school discipline is not just distressing for students and their loved ones. It can have severe long-term consequences, too. If you're dismissed from your studies, you might struggle to find an alternative program at another school. In the long run, you could find it challenging to pursue the career you want, and you might lose out on opportunities you've worked incredibly hard for.

Attorney Joseph Lento knows that every student deserves a second shot at achieving their goals. One mistake should not define a young person's entire future, and Joseph Lento is committed to helping students get back on track after disciplinary action. He has represented many students in the same position you find yourself in now, and his extensive experience means he's well-placed to represent your best interests at every turn. He will always attempt to find an amicable solution that benefits both parties; however, he can advise you when a lawsuit is the most appropriate course of action, and he'll walk with you every step of the way.

Don't let a SAP dismissal or disciplinary action ruin your shot at completing your degree and pursuing the career you want. If you're a student in North Carolina, or you're a parent concerned about your child's future, retain the services of student discipline attorney-advisor Joseph Lento now. Tell us about your case online or call us on 888.535.3686.

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