Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

The Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) is one of the newest public medical schools in New Jersey. CMSRU's core mission is to educate humanistic, professional medical students to bridge the patient shortage gap and provide high-quality healthcare to local and national residents.

Despite its relatively recent establishment, the institution receives consistent recognition for its community engagement practices. Additionally, CMSRU is among the most selective medical schools nationwide.

CMSRU maintains its reputation as a top-tier medical school by enforcing a strict code of conduct and professional policy. Medical students must demonstrate behavior befitting a future physician to handle the stressors and responsibilities of their professions after graduation. However, enrollment at CMSRU does not guarantee graduation – especially if students commit professional misconduct violations or fail to perform well academically.

Students who underperform and commit infractions face severe sanctions, among them dismissal or expulsion for egregious cases. Without the help of an attorney-advisor, a medical student's dream of becoming a doctor dissipates – despite lack of evidence, procedural errors, and appeals.

Professionalism Policy at CMSRU

Professionalism is one of the core components of a physician's personality, and its absence places patient lives in danger. As a result, CMSRU preserves its stellar reputation by enforcing its code of conduct and professionalism policy, both listed in its student handbook.

The policy applies to everyone, maintaining that professionalism as a standard that its students should aim for beyond the curriculum. Moreover, a student's professional conduct is one factor that CMSRU considers when evaluating and promoting students throughout their stay at the institution.

Any individual who suspects a violation of the Professionalism Conduct Policy at CMSRU must file a Professionalism Intervention Report and submit it to the Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO). The CSAO may decide to counsel the student or refer the case to the Director of Professionalism.

Depending on the case details, the Director of Professionalism may work with the student individually to resolve the issue. The director may also refer the matter to the Hearing Body for Student Rights if the student appeals the decision.

At CMSRU, students have the right to have an attorney-advisor present at the hearing. However, the advisor may not engage or address the panel members directly. After the hearing concludes, the members recommend sanctions to the CMSRU Executive Cabinet and the Dean.

Students who face expulsion or dismissal receive a review of their case by the Executive Cabinet. The cabinet decides whether the sanction is appropriate and communicates its decision to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and the Chief Student Affairs Officer.

Remediation Procedure

Medical students must demonstrate a mastery of their courses to proceed to the next phase of their curriculum. CMSRU wants students to succeed and, as a result, helps them create an individualized remediation plan to help with failing grades.

The remediation process starts with an evaluation by the course/clerkship director, who meets with students to identify their weaknesses and challenges. The director also discusses student progress with faculty members to understand their learning needs.

Once the director pinpoints the issues, they create a written remediation plan. The plan includes establishing goals and methods for study, setting a timeframe for completion, and informing students of assessment times and faculty meetings. After concluding the program, a remediation assessment measures the student's final progress.

Remediation may be inconvenient, especially for those who juggle multiple responsibilities both on-campus and in their personal lives. However, despite the additional workload, remediation ensures that students can progress to more intensive course material. It prevents students from falling behind or receiving a permanent discharge for underperformance.

Since it is pretty challenging to receive acceptance at CMSRU, remediation is a small price to pay to retain placement in one of the US's most competitive medical schools.

The Consequences of Expulsion

Expulsion has heavy consequences for a medical student that goes beyond academics. Students will find it difficult to find another medical school that turns a blind eye to the charge. Even if the student made a mistake, CMSRU, like other medical schools, has a low tolerance threshold for violations, mainly due to lapses in judgment. Some of the issues that students may face with a permanent dismissal include:

  • Reputation Damage: Students expelled from medical school face reputation damage that affects their career paths and future academic endeavors. Since an expulsion charge remains on a student's permanent record, it grabs the attention of prospective employers and other medical schools.
  • Loss of opportunities: Medical school admissions officers sift through thousands of applications to choose the best students to welcome into their programs. Even those with a clean academic record face rejection to secure placement for top-ranked students.
  • Starting Over: If a student finds placement in another medical school, they will have to start over. Students cannot pick up where they left off, meaning years of lost time and effort to pursue their dream despite the setbacks.
  • Financial Burdens: Expulsion may disqualify students from loans, financial aid, and housing privileges. Students have to pay unexpected out-of-pocket expenses that pile up over time, leaving them riddled with debt and financial difficulties.

Fortunately, students do not have to face this process alone. With the guidance of an attorney-advisor, students can fight for their rights and ensure that they receive due process before it's too late.

Hiring an Attorney-Advisor

Every medical student dreams of the day they graduate and become a physician. Although everyone makes mistakes, some have significant drawbacks that can prevent students from reaching their goals.

Attorney-Advisor Joseph D. Lento understands the challenges students face when dealing with unfair and unsubstantiated charges. Whether it's due to unsatisfactory academic progress or professionalism concerns, every student deserves a chance to defend themselves.

Don't let a mistake or slip-up cost you your degree. If you face allegations of professional misconduct or academic failure at CMSRU, contact the Lento Law Firm today for a consultation at 888-535-3686.

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