Can I ask questions to the accuser in a university disciplinary hearing?

An accused student can often ask questions to an accuser at a university disciplinary hearing, in a sense. The accuser often is given the opportunity to post questions to the accuser, it would often have to go through an intermediary such as the- if it's a hearing panel, the chairperson, for example, would pose that question to the accuser. A related concern is even when those questions are, say, typed out in black and white, presented to the chairperson, that chairperson- I've been through too many university disciplinary hearings to count.

A common concern is the fact that they don't get the question that's intended asked. That has to be considered and corrected in many instances. General university disciplinary issues if there's an accusing party, questions can be asked. In Title IX cases, the same is true, again through an intermediary such as the chairperson, for example. The accused student does have the right to present questions to the accusing party.