Widener University Title IX Violations

Widener University makes use of a strict Title IX policy for disciplining students who face allegations of sexual misconduct. The Title IX policy covers all campuses of Widener, including both of its law schools. The process is overseen by the University's Title IX coordinator, who handles the enforcement and enactment of the procedures outlined in the policy.

Widener University Investigation and Resolution

The University resolves issues of sexual misconduct in a separate investigative process, instead of the usual disciplinary measures used for behavioral misconduct. When a report is filed against a student for sexual misconduct, the office of the Title IX Coordinator will initiate an investigation. The student who initiated the report will be known as the "reporting party," while the subject of the report will be known as the "responding party." During the investigation period, the University may administer certain interim measures, such as relocation of housing and even temporary suspension on students if they believe they will interfere with the investigation or endanger the reporting party in anyway.

The investigators for each individual case will be chosen by the Title IX Coordinator. All cases are settled through the investigative process.Throughout the investigation, parties and witnesses will be interviewed separately regarding the incident. Instead of direct questioning, both parties will be able to suggest questions for witnesses and the respective opposing parties. A decision will be made by the investigative team following the conclusion of the investigative phase. Decisions will be made using the standard of "a prep