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No one expects to face disciplinary action when they start college, but sometimes, a school will suspend or dismiss a student if they believe the student violated the student codes in some way or failed to make satisfactory academic progress.

Suspension or dismissal is hugely distressing for students and loved ones, and it's not always the most appropriate course of action for the school to take. Even if you've already been suspended or dismissed, or you're facing another form of disciplinary action, you shouldn't give up hope or feel discouraged. With an experienced attorney-advisor on your side, you might still return to your school and achieve your goals.

Although every situation is unique, here is an overview of the options available to students dealing with serious Illinois college or university sanctions and how Joseph D. Lento can help even if you've already lost your appeal or you're a parent worried about their child's prospects.

Academic Progress Dismissal

Colleges cannot grant federal loans to students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Every US college and university, if they accept students in receipt of federal loans, must have criteria in place to determine:

  • What constitutes satisfactory academic progress; and
  • How to sanction students who don't meet the school's SAP policy.

Meaning it's possible for students to lose their place on a program if the school determines that they've failed to meet the required standards. Here are some examples of when Illinois colleges may dismiss students for unsatisfactory academic progress:

  • Illinois State University: At the end of a semester, the student's cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 on two or more occasions (with the exception of Summer Session).
  • Northeastern Illinois University: If the student is on academic probation, the University can dismiss them if their cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, and they don't earn at least a 2.0 in the current semester.

Sometimes, however, students are unfairly dismissed from their course. Here are some examples of when this might happen.

  • The school fails to properly consider extenuating circumstances, such as a bereavement or illness, which affected the student's grades.
  • There's an error made by the school when applying its own SAP policy to the situation.
  • The school fails to properly count good grades, which, if counted, would raise the GPA above the threshold.

If you're faced with academic dismissal, contact Joseph D. Lento, an experienced attorney-advisor, to learn how he can help.

Misconduct Discipline or Dismissal

Schools such as Illinois State University and Northeastern Illinois University have detailed conduct codes that set out rules for student behavior. Every school must have such rules to protect students from harm and to show their compliance with various state and federal laws.

That being said, schools can sometimes be overzealous when disciplining students. They don't always apply the rules fairly, which can mean even the most diligent and hardworking students can face serious sanctions which severely limit their long-term prospects.

If you're a student facing misconduct allegations, or you have been suspended or dismissed for misconduct, the Lento Law Firm believes you deserve a second chance. Retain Joseph D. Lento to open negotiations between you and your school: contact us now to learn more.

The Consequences of Disciplinary Action

In Illinois, colleges and universities can dismiss students if they don't meet the academic requirements to complete their degree or if there's a serious violation of the relevant school conduct codes. Unsurprisingly, any sanction imposed by a school can have serious short and long-term consequences, depending on the circumstances and the level of sanction applied.

In the short term, students face disruption to their studies. The disciplinary process often causes stress, worry, and anxiety, and it's natural for students and parents to feel overwhelmed by what the future now holds. You may also all have financial concerns since a dismissal doesn't end any financial obligations to the school.

In the long-term, a suspension or dismissal from an Illinois school triggers significant consequences. If a student can't complete their studies at the school, they face going through the whole application process all over again at another institution. And depending on the circumstances, the student might struggle to gain admission at another college or university, meaning the student's long-term earning power and career prospects are diminished.

Given how serious these consequences can be, it's vital that every student explores the possibility of reinstatement or dismissal reversal, which is where a college discipline attorney-advisor like Joseph D. Lento can help. Contact the Lento Law Firm immediately if you or your child faces sanctions, suspension, or dismissal from an Illinois school.

How to Appeal Dismissal or Disciplinary Action

Has the school made a disciplinary decision against you or your child? Then you may have the right to appeal, depending on the sanctions imposed and the school's own disciplinary processes. Students at college in Illinois often have the right to appeal school decisions such as:

  • Academic sanctions
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal

The exact appeals process varies by institution; however, the school should provide you with the details you need. You can also often find the appeals process set out in the school or department handbook.

If you haven't already appealed a decision made against you, then contact us immediately to retain the services of Joseph D. Lento, an experienced college discipline attorney-advisor. If it's possible to appeal the decision, then he can ensure you have a fair hearing which gives you the best chance to make your case.

Have you already lost an appeal? Then let's consider your options.

If You Have Lost Your Appeal

If you've already appealed a sanction imposed by an Illinois university or college, or you've been dismissed and lost your appeal, don't panic. There are still a few ways to progress your case with the help of an experienced college discipline attorney-advisor.

Negotiate Relief

Ideally, you're looking to resume your education with minimal fuss. You want to open up the lines of communication with your school once more and resolve the issue fairly. Joseph D. Lento understands what matters to you, which is why he's committed to negotiating with your school on your behalf.

By representing hundreds of students facing unfair disciplinary action, he has developed meaningful relationships with attorneys across the country, including attorneys in many academic Offices of General Counsel (OGCs). He knows how to work with legal teams to find fair outcomes which satisfy both schools and students, and he'll work tirelessly to ensure your case gets a fair hearing.

Rather than jumping straight in with an aggressive lawsuit, Joseph Lento will attempt to find a less combative solution to help you return to your studies as quickly as possible.

Student defense is Joseph Lento's specialty, so call the Lento Law Firm now on 555-838-3686 to find out how he can help, even if you've already lost an appeal.

Court Action

Although Joseph Lento has successfully represented many students in lawsuits against schools regarding disciplinary action, lawsuits are typically a last resort.

As mentioned above, lawsuits are not always the most effective way to resolve a case involving academic dismissal or misconduct discipline. However, if the situation calls for it or alternative resolution options fail, we can advise you if a lawsuit is suitable based on your unique situation. Unlike many firms which may not have much experience handling school bureaucracy, Joseph Lento knows precisely how to navigate this complex process, so he'll explain how he can best represent you or your child's interests.

Let the Lento Law Firm Help With Your Illinois College Dismissal

Any school sanction, whether it's academic probation or expulsion, can seriously jeopardize a bright student's future prospects. Sanctions on their record may make it harder to continue their education elsewhere, or they might struggle to find career opportunities after completing their studies.

At the Lento Law Firm, we understand how stressful and challenging the college disciplinary process can be. The timeline moves quickly, and the process can be confusing, which is why you need experienced counsel on your side to represent your best interests at every stage.

The sooner you retain an attorney-advisor, the better; however, Joseph D. Lento has helped numerous students facing sanctions or dismissal, even if they've already lost a school appeal. He's committed to resolving matters amicably with an Illinois college wherever possible, so you can continue your education and achieve your academic goals with as little disruption as possible.

Whether you have been suspended for misconduct or dismissed on academic progress grounds, Joseph Lento is ready and willing to help. Given his relationship with school attorneys in many OGCs and his negotiating experience, there are few lawyers with the skills that he can bring to the table. Contact us now to discover how he can help you – leave us a message online or call 888.535.3686.

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