Title IX Advisor for Hearings in Idaho

The federal government implemented Title IX laws in 1972 through the U.S. Department of Education. The majority of educational institutions in the country must act according to these provisions, which prohibit sexual discrimination. Failing to adhere to the requirements of Title IX could be grounds for losing critical federal education funding. Students that violate these rules, such as through sexually-based misconduct, may face sanctions such as suspension or expulsion. Those faced with these allegations should promptly seek legal assistance. The Lento Law Firm has the experience to effectively defend students in these disciplinary matters and ensure their rights to due process are protected.

Overview of Title IX Hearings

Any allegations received by the campus administration are taken seriously and promptly investigated. A hearing is ultimately conducted where the accused party may contest the claims. These hearings do not have the majority of the formal processes that exist in the criminal or civil courts. The federal government has some currently pending revisions that may significantly change the ways that Title IX processes are handled.

Burden of Proof for Potential Violations

The standard of evidence to be used in these actions was not explicitly stated in the original Title IX provisions. In recent years, federal guidance has led to the “preponderance of the evidence” standard being the norm. A current proposed change to Title IX provisions would allow for usage of a “clear and convincing evidence” standard. Students have a right to be accompanied by an advisor at these disciplinary hearings. Traditionally, advisors have ass