Pennsylvania International Students: Academic Misconduct

Are you a Pennsylvania international student facing allegations of academic misconduct? If so, you face unique challenges as compared to American students in the same situation. Academic misconduct is taken very seriously by colleges and universities, and can be the basis for suspension, expulsion, and more. For international students here on a student visa, this can also result in your deportation from the United States, depending on the circumstances. You deserve to have your case defended by an experienced attorney.

If you are an international student facing allegations of academic misconduct, experienced academic misconduct defense attorney Joseph D. Lento is here to help. You are not alone. You can fight this.

What is Academic Misconduct?

Allegations of academic misconduct is enough to put you at risk for several different consequences that could ruin your future career. Without a strong defense, academic misconduct allegations could end what would otherwise been a successful and enjoyable time in the United States.

Some examples of academic misconduct include:

  • Plagiarism,
  • Blackmail,
  • Unauthorized collaboration,
  • Deceitful educational software
  • Cheating,
  • Failing to report violations,