College Dismissal Advisor - Nebraska

You're in shock. You've been dismissed by your college or university in Nebraska, or you're about to be. Or maybe you're dealing with a very serious suspension. If you're in this situation, you may be wondering if you've run out of options. Your college education is your opportunity to obtain the knowledge that you need to live the life you've always dreamed of. A dismissal from a Nebraska university or college will ruin all of that.

Don't give up. Even if you've already been dismissed, it's not too late. Reach out to national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D Lento and the experts at the Lento Law Firm. They may have options available to you that you're not even aware of. Give them a call at 888-535-3686 to find out how they may be able to help you.

Challenging Academic Progress Dismissal

There are over 44 public and private colleges and universities in Nebraska, and students at each of them take out federal loans to help pay for their educations. In order to qualify for and receive federal loans, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in order to continue to receive the money. SAP at most schools means maintaining a GPA of at least 2.0. Public colleges like the University of Nebraska, private colleges like Nebraska Wesleyan University, and community/two-year colleges like Central Community College spell out their SAP policies in their student handbooks very clearly so that students are fully aware of what they need to do to stay in good standing. Schools are not allowed by law to extend federal student loans to people who don't meet SAP standards.

If a student doesn't make SAP, their Nebraska college or university has several options available to them. They can put them on academic probation, they can allow them to take the class over, or they can dismiss them. Unfortunately, colleges and universities in Nebraska are not always fair when it comes to making decisions regarding dismissals. They sometimes use a broad-brush policy, giving out the same sanction across the board instead of judging each student's situation on a case-by-case basis.

Students sometimes deal with major, real-world issues that make it impossible for them to stay on top of their studies. They or members of their families may be dealing with physical or mental illness, they may be going through some sort of personal trauma, or they may be shouldering heavy financial burdens that make it impossible for them to focus on school. There are a myriad of reasons that a student could find it hard to do well at school, and those issues should be taken into consideration when determining whether or not to dismiss a student from a Nebraska school or university.

Schools have other options available to them besides dismissal, but they frequently choose dismissal, in spite of the fact that it's the most damaging option. If you find yourself in this situation, and you've already been dismissed or are in danger of being dismissed, don't give up. Even though it may seem like everything's been lost, you have to keep pushing because your future depends on it.

Reach out to national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D Lento and the experts at the Lento Law Firm so that you can start to reclaim your life and move on with your education.

Challenging Misconduct Dismissal or Discipline

Unsatisfactory academic progress isn't the only reason that you could be dismissed from your Nebraska college or university. You could be dismissed for committing acts of academic misconduct, including plagiarism, cheating, or other offenses. You could also be charged with other types of misconduct that jeopardize the safety and well-being of other students on campus.

Violating Title IX law is an example of another type of misconduct. Title IX is a federal law established in 1972 that protects students on American campuses from sexual discrimination. Nebraska colleges and universities are very vigilant when it comes to dealing with claims of misconduct, especially those that violate state or federal laws. If they're seen as lax when it comes to dealing with these claims, they could be held liable in the future. For these reasons, they tend to react swiftly and often harshly in order to resolve any issues.

The problem is that similar to the way they sometimes respond to SAP issues, Nebraska colleges and universities aren't always fair when it comes to dealing with these cases. Misconduct cases have to be handled carefully and fairly because they deal with a student's character. Misconduct allegations have to be investigated fairly, but they're often not. This often results in the accused student losing everything.

Mistakes are sometimes made when misconduct allegations are brought against a student. Someone could've misunderstood or misinterpreted what they saw or thought they saw. Someone could have intentionally made false claims against the student. Another student could have been responsible for the misconduct, but the blame somehow fell on the accused student. Accused students in these situations often don't know how to defend themselves, unfortunately leading to their dismissal.

Don't try to figure it out alone. Joseph Lento and the experts at the Lento Law Firm have years of experience defending students who went through exactly what you're going through now. Whether you're in the midst of dismissal hearings or you've already been dismissed, Lento and his team know exactly what to do to turn everything around. They understand what questions need to be asked, which witnesses to interview, and what proof needs to be supplied before a fair judgment can be rendered. They will do everything in their power to make sure that you have the best defense and solution possible.

The Consequences of Discipline or Dismissal

If you've already been dismissed from your school or university in Nebraska, you may have given up. Once you have been dismissed from a university, it can be extremely difficult to get your life back on track again. The consequences of a dismissal could be devastating and throw off all of your plans for the future.

  • If you've been dismissed from your Nebraska college or university for unsatisfactory academic progress or for misconduct, it can be extremely hard for you to get accepted into a new school. When schools are looking at applications, your marred application will be compared to those of students who don't have any negative information on their permanent records.
  • Even if you do get into a new school, you will have to start your academic career over from the beginning. Once you've been dismissed from school, you lose all of your credits. This means that if you are dismissed as a senior, you're going to have to start over as a freshman. All of those years and hard work you put into it will have been for naught.
  • If you've already graduated, when the school decides you've committed misconduct, your degree could actually be revoked. This would be life-altering and devastating.
  • If you've taken out student loans, you're going to have to start paying back those loans once you've been dismissed. Loans have to be paid back once you are no longer in school, not just once you've graduated. This can cause immense financial strain.

Appealing School Discipline or SAP Dismissal

If you've already been dismissed from