Can an academic misconduct case lead to expulsion?

An academic misconduct case at your college or university can, unfortunately, lead to expulsion. It will depend on the severity of the alleged act of academic misconduct. It will also depend on whether the student has had prior disciplinary issues at the school especially involving academic misconduct. There are definitely cases, unfortunately, that if the student were to be found responsible can result in expulsion.

Certain kinds of alleged acts of academic misconduct are more likely to result in expulsion. Any kind of, say, act that is intentional in nature or involves, say, planning or an exchange of something for some academic benefit such as, say, paying somebody to write a paper or take an exam.It's more outrageous in nature. A lot is at stake in an academic misconduct case even when expulsion isn't necessarily in the table, and you need to have an experienced attorney advisor. They're going to be your best ally in terms of helping you best approach the situation to try to achieve a favorable outcome.