College Sexual Misconduct Advisor - Illinois

Are You Facing a College Sexual Misconduct Investigation?

If you are a student facing accusations of college sexual misconduct, it's smart to consider consulting with an attorney-advisor who will dedicate themselves to fight for you and protect your rights. Although most college sexual misconduct allegations have fallen under Title IX guidelines in the past, recent changes by the Department of Education mean that many schools in Illinois are now handling these allegations under their Code of Conduct and Student Handbook. College sexual misconduct allegations can have far-reaching effects, beyond just your college year.

How College Sexual Misconduct Allegations May Impact Your Future

Due to the seriousness of college sexual misconduct allegations, it's critical to understand the potential impact on your future. The biggest mistake a student can make is to underestimate the consequences and subsequently under-prepare. Here are some possible long-term effects.

  • Personal reputation can be affected.
  • Disciplinary action could lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.
  • Expulsion or suspension can impact your Financial Aid status, saddling you with extra debt or breaking your terms due to not attending enough credit hours during the semester.
  • Findings and decisions from the college's hearing could be added to your permanent record, making it harder (or maybe impossible) to transfer to a new school or apply for an internship, graduate school, etc.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you may face criminal charges outside of the school.

How Do Title IX Changes Affect College Sexual Misconduct Investigations?

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