Student Defense Advisor – Jackson

Students in the Jackson, Mississippi, metropolitan area might need a skilled and experienced school discipline defense attorney advisor. Jackson middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities, and graduate and professional programs should provide students with consistent and stable instruction. They often do. But more often than students would like to admit, Jackson schools at all levels can present students with serious discipline, academic progression, or other issues threatening their ability to continue and graduate. And that's when strong and sensitive school discipline defense attorney advisor services can make a difference in the student's outcome. Education has an extraordinary value not just for jobs and careers but for personal growth and social development. If you or your student face school disciplinary issues, get the special education law representation you need for the best possible outcome. National school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team have helped hundreds of students across the country avoid suspension or dismissal, persevere in their program, and graduate with all the attendant benefits. You can trust attorney advisor Lento to help you protect your substantial interests and investment in education.

The Jackson Metropolitan Area

The Jackson, Mississippi, metropolitan area covering Copiah, Hinds, Holmes, Madison, Rankin, Simpson, and Yazoo Counties has a population of well over half a million residents. In Jackson proper, well over eighty percent of that population is African American, distinguishing the greater Jackson metropolitan area for its large and vital minority population. Jackson has been the soul of the nation's music and wielded an outsized cultural influence in other ways. Another distinction of Jackson is its large and sophisticated professional and educational community. Three-quarters of Jackson's workforce is white collar, while only one-quarter is blue collar, in large part because of Jackson's large and vibrant educational community. Housing in Jackson costs significantly less than the national average, although income can also be lower and unemployment higher than national averages. Jackson certainly has a significant history, great influence, and great charms, even if also some challenges, like the nation's other metropolitan areas.

Jackson Metropolitan Area Student Issues

Students attending secondary schools, colleges, universities, and graduate and professional programs in Jackson's metropolitan area face many of the same issues that students elsewhere face. Those issues can include challenges keeping up with coursework and clinical work and passing courses with high enough grades to maintain good academic standing. Those issues can also include academic misconduct like cheating or plagiarizing and personal misconduct involving issues like alcohol, drugs, weapons, or sexual assault or harassment. Jackson's schools, from elementary to secondary and on to higher education, are also disproportionately minority in their enrollment, even as high as 95% to 100%, depending on the school. Statistics suggest that some minority students may face greater socialization, financial, academic, and related challenges in transitions through their education. If that's the case, then Jackson metropolitan area students may, with their significantly greater minority representation, face additional school progression, conduct, and retention issues. It may also mean that pursuing your Jackson metropolitan area education is your best or even only real chance. National school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm Student Defense Team stand ready to help you or your student meet those Jackson metropolitan area student issues.

Jackson Metropolitan Area Education

Jackson Metropolitan Area Public High Schools

Jackson metropolitan area high schools follow a national pattern of suburban success against urban challenges. Jackson Public School District maintains fifty-five schools, including eighteen middle schools and seven high schools. The district has a 100% minority enrollment. Nearly three-quarters of the district's students are from economically disadvantaged families. High school graduation rates are fairly high at around 78%, but college readiness is pretty low at around 9%. Math and reading proficiencies are also low. Jackson's top-ranked high schools include Murrah High School and Callaway High School. Jackson metropolitan area suburban high schools offer stronger program outcomes, particularly at Madison Central High School, Norwood Rankin High School, and Clinton High School, each among the better high schools in the state. National school discipline defense attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team are available to help your Jackson high school student overcome challenges in these urban and suburban environments.

Jackson Metropolitan Area Private High Schools

The Jackson metropolitan area also offers private high schools, several with generally stronger academic outcomes. Those private Jackson area high schools include St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Jackson Preparatory School, St. Joseph Catholic School, and Jackson Academy. Many other desirable private academies, prep schools, and religious schools also serve the Jackson metropolitan area, making private high school education a valuable opportunity.

Jackson Metropolitan Area Colleges and Universities

The Jackson metropolitan area offers several college and university programs with diverse offerings across fields of study and professions. Jackson State University is the largest, best-known, and one of the oldest of those area colleges and universities, with around 4,650 undergraduate students. Belhaven University, with just over 2,000 students, Millsaps College, Tougaloo College, and Mississippi College, with just over 2,500 students, are private schools serving the Jackson metropolitan area. Hinds Community College's Raymond Campus and Holmes Community College provide two-year public higher education, and the for-profit Strayer University also serves the area. Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi also maintain the program or administrative presence. National school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento is available to represent you at any of these Jackson metropolitan area colleges and universities. Don't let misconduct charges, failure to progress academically, or other issues derail your best chance at access to education.

Jackson Metropolitan Area Trade and Technical Schools

The Jackson metropolitan area also offers several trade and technical schools, including Delta Technical College, South College, Post University, and Roadmaster Drivers School. Trade and technical education can be among the most valuable educational investments, with swift job returns after shorter periods and lower costs of education. Value your Jackson metropolitan area trade and technical education. Don't lose your best opportunity to misconduct or other disciplinary or progression issues.

Jackson Metropolitan Area Graduate Programs

Jackson State University is the Jackson metropolitan area's primary provider of graduate education opportunities. Its Division of Graduate Studies offers graduate degrees in accounting, business administration, biology, chemistry, environmental science, mathematics, public health, mental health, social work, education, sports science, teaching, psychology, English, history, criminology, journalism, public administration, sociology, and many other fields. Belhaven University in Jackson also offers graduate degrees in fields such as business administration, teaching, education,