Student Disability Attorney - Texas

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) explains that more than 150,000 students in Texas have a specific learning disability (SLD). As Texas' population continues to grow, there is a great risk that students with disabilities will not receive the services, accommodations, and compassion that they need.

Schools may even take punitive action against a student because of their disability. Whether a school attempts to hold back a student because of disability-related academic struggles, discipline a student whose condition causes disruptive behavior, or impose any other adverse action upon a disabled student, it is vital to ensure the school is within its rights.

Attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team fight for the rights of disabled students in Texas. We will use our knowledge of Education Law and Special Education Law to ensure your child receives the legal protections they are entitled to because of their disability.

Legal Protections for Disabled Students in Texas

American society has not always been as compassionate towards those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and behavioral disabilities as it is today. It was necessary to develop comprehensive legal protections, both at the federal and state levels, to ensure that disabled students receive reasonable accommodations and freedom from discrimination.

Federal and Texas lawmakers have updated disability-specific legislation over recent decades, and disabled students in Texas today have a broad array of legal shields that we draw on to protect students like yours.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Is the First Line of Defense for Disabled Students in Texas