Tinder U: Lighting a Fire Under Title IX Disciplinary Charges

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Tinder calls itself the “world's most popular dating app.” From its advertised fifty-five billion dating matches, Tinder's boast may just be right. Lots of people use Tinder for lots of healthy dating relationships.

Tinder's matching services have certainly reached and affected college and university campuses nationwide. One college website catering to women students urges freshmen to “do yourself a favor and download Tinder.” Tinder can help students find other students with interests and affinities, for healthier dating relationships. Another website offers an article titled “In Defense of Tinder in College,” arguing that Tinder U, the app's special offer to college students, “is actually a good idea for college dating.”

Tinder Problems on Campus

But dating relationships, even those carefully matched through Tinder, don't always work out. And the same holds for dating relationships on campus. The best of intentions can still sometimes lead to confusion, disagreement, and even Title IX sexual misconduct disciplinary charges. The University of Michigan's student paper Michigan Daily takes a more sober view of Tinder use among college students in an online article titled “Dating in college: the problem with Tinder for the somewhat-wholesome.” The article admits that for some students, “Tinder is, in fact, a hook-up app” used for frequent, casual, no-commitment sexual encounters--the kind that are even more likely to lead to confusion, disagreements, and Title IX charges.

Title IX is a complex set of federal regulations prohibiting campus sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and sexual harassment. Title IX's sexual harassment prohibitions, especially those having to do with harassment's hostile environment form, cast a much wider net than just outright rape or other sexual violence. Unwelcome sexual advances, sexual jokes, and sexual innuendo can, if sufficiently severe and pervasive, lead to Title IX charges and discipline.

College dating and romance is generally fine. Casual Tinder hookups, though, can fuel sexual pursuits, adventures, misunderstandings, disputes, regrets, and even retaliation. Title IX disciplinary proceedings were already a serious risk for college and university students in volatile dating relationships. For some students, Tinder adds fuel to the Title IX fire.

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