Tensions Rise After the University of Arkansas Settles Sexual Assault Case

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The hot-button topic of sexual assault continues to plague college campuses nationwide, especially with news of President Biden's proposed review of existing Title IX regulations. In May 2020, former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos initiated changes in the federal law that added protections for college students accused of sexual assault. Some argued that these protections would undermine the experiences of alleged victims and discourage others from speaking out.

A little over a year later, universities are still struggling to get it right – and students are paying the price for their failure to act consistently. In late April, the University of Arkansas faced backlash after a journalist leaked news of a $20,000 settlement with an alleged campus sexual abuser. The incident made national headlines and placed campus sexual assault cases once again in the spotlight.

When Title IX Changes Affect Panel Outcomes

The accuser and former student Gillian Gullet learned from a reporter that the university settled with the alleged perpetrator, listed as John Doe, without informing her. A recent Chronicle article reports that the university's Title IX office initially cleared Doe of the charges. However, after Gullet appealed the panel's decision, Doe underwent training and performed 10 hours of community service. After the Title IX changes in 2020, the university administration determined insufficient evidence to penalize Doe and settled as a result.

After the incident sparked outrage, the Title IX coordinator at the University of Arkansas resigned her position. Additionally, the university agreed to inform students with similar cases about updates in the future, pledging $20,001 to support victims of sexual assault. While university administrations claim to have the best of intentions when handling such cases, how they react to public scrutiny has a detrimental effect on the lives of both the accused and the accuser.

Handling a Title IX Case

Although college administrations keep the proceedings within their walls to protect all involved, media attention and information leaks are becoming more commonplace. If you are a student facing such accusations, how you react makes a world of difference in your case outcome.

To avoid dealing with public scrutiny as you navigate your campus sexual assault case:

  • Hire an attorney advisor immediately
  • Do not make public statements or comments about the case
  • Consider deactivating your social media pages
  • Never speak about the details of your case with peers, even ones you consider friends
  • Do not retaliate against the accuser or make threats
  • Gather witnesses and character references

The label of an assaulter is challenging to shake off, even when someone is innocent. With the help of an experienced attorney advisor like Joseph D. Lento, you can decrease the negative publicity's impact on your case.

Call Lento Law Firm

Students accused of campus sexual assault deserve a fair hearing and investigation process. While valid in some cases, public outrage can ruin a student's life irrevocably if allegations are false. If you or a family member face accusations of college sexual assault, don't wait to fight back and protect your reputation. Call the Lento Law Firm today for expert advice at 888-555-3686.

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