Suspended for Title IX Violation–Can I Transfer?

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What can a college or university student do after suffering suspension for a semester because of a Title IX violation? Can the student visit another school during the suspension to earn academic credit to transfer back to the student's own school after the suspension?

Paying the Piper

Trying to work around a Title IX suspension isn't typically a sound strategy. When a school suspends a student, the suspension carries consequences. One of those consequences is that the student is no longer in good standing at the student's school. Good standing at your school can be important for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons includes trying to gain entry at another school as a transfer student or visiting student. A transfer student seeks to leave one school to complete the degree at another school. A visiting student seeks to spend a term at another school for special reasons, such as to gain special coursework only available at that other school. Schools are generally reluctant to take suspended students on transfer or as visiting students, especially for things like Title IX sexual misconduct, at least until the suspension is over. One must pay the piper.

An Example Visiting Student Policy

The visiting student policy at Boston University is a good example. Boston University requires that the visiting student be enrolled at another university. While its policy doesn't say that the student must be in good standing at the other university, Boston University does require the student to explain the reason for wanting to visit. The wannabe visitor would have to explain the Title IX suspension at the student's home school. At Boston University, the student must also get a department's endorsement and invitation to visit, presumably to complete a special course of study available only at the university. Avoiding a Title IX suspension simply doesn't fit typical visiting student policies. And even if you could earn visiting student credit somewhere, your home school must still accept those credits back, which it likely wouldn't because to do so would undermine the purpose of its own Title IX suspension.

Pursuing a Better Strategy

A student facing a Title IX suspension, though, need not give up hope and simply endure the suspension. Suspensions can have serious impacts, like delayed graduation, lost housing, lost jobs, and additional costs. Yet a student facing Title IX suspension may have an appeal within the school's Title IX procedures. And even if the student has exhausted all appeals within the school's Title IX procedures, a skilled and experienced Title IX defense attorney may find available alternative relief for the student through the school's general counsel office, ombudsman office, or other oversight body.

National Title IX Defense Attorney Available

If your college or university has suspended you for a semester for a Title IX violation, retain national Title IX defense attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm’s Title IX team to appeal your suspension or pursue alternative relief. Attorney Lento has helped hundreds of college and university students across the United States defend and defeat Title IX and other misconduct charges. Call 888-535-3686 or go online now for the best available Title IX attorney help.

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