Looking for Justice in American Law Schools

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A recent article in the journal Common Sense suggests the American justice system may be in jeopardy. The problem, as Aaron Sibarium describes it, has to do with a growing “illiberal ideology.” What Sibarium means by this phrase is a tendency on the part of the American Left to reject traditionally sacred principles such as free speech and legal due process rights in favor of more expedient solutions to social and cultural transformation. In short, we've grown tired of watching sex offenders go free and have become willing to sacrifice equity and, indeed justice itself, in the name of making sure every offender is punished.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Sibarium's piece is his contention that this illiberal ideology has begun to affect US law schools. Sibarium describes whole classes of law school students who believe we should “scrap” the Constitution; campus organizations denying conservative speakers their right to free speech; professors scared of discussing Kyle Rittenhouse's defense strategy.

When Law Schools Become Illiberal

What are the dangers of this ground shift? Simply put, a legal system that operates based on ideological principles rather than those of justice, fairness, and equity. For example, the article discusses a Michigan prosecutor and judge who gave a lighter sentence to a man convicted of manslaughter simply because he was driven by the “right motives.” Later, Sibarium writes of a Washington State Supreme Court memorandum encouraging judges to strike down “even the most venerable precedent” if it is “incorrect and harmful.” Nothing, it seems, must stand in the way of correct social justice.

A larger problem at the moment, however, seems to be how many recent law school graduates are apparently unwilling to represent clients with whom they might have an ideological disagreement. Pro-choice attorneys don't feel they can represent the Catholic Church. Black Lives Matter supporters can't represent Ku Klux Klan members. Women's rights advocates don't feel comfortable representing anyone accused of sexually assaulting a woman. When lawyers refuse with whom they disagree, they declare their commitment to social causes and their lack of faith in the law itself. More importantly, when defendants can't get proper legal representation, the American justice system falls apart.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm

There are still attorneys out there who hold sacred the notion that every defendant deserves a strong defense, that every person should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and that no one should be punished until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they broke the law. If your school has accused you of Title IX sexual misconduct academic misconduct, or any other wrongdoing which can affect your future, you need an attorney who believes in you, someone who will fight to protect all of your due process rights.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm specialize in campus misconduct cases. He understands that schools have done everything they can to unbalance the justice system in favor of accusers and that they have created a system in which it is increasingly difficult to get anything like justice. Joseph D. Lento knows the law. He knows how schools operate. Joseph D. Lento is ready to fight for you.

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