When Public Figures Face Accusations: James Veitch

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Anyone who's viewed James Veitch's unique brand of digital comedy would think him precisely the opposite of a predator, but perhaps that's the point. When allegations surfaced condemning Veitch as a rapist and sexual assaulter, the internet reacted strongly, and Veitch's career took a turn.

Between 2008 and 2010, Veitch attended Sarah Lawrence College. In that time, Veitch was allegedly involved in several counts of rape, according to several women who also attended the school at that time.

The comedian has denied all allegations.

When Fame Has a Double-Edged Sword

The interviews that name Veitch a rapist come from the Hollywood Reporter. They date back to early September - just after Veitch had debuted a comedy special with the streaming platform, HBO Max, late in the summer of 2020. Instantly, the comedy star's reputation plummeted (to put it lightly).

One of the victims who stepped forward detailed that she'd seen Veitch's popularity grow as early as 2017, when Veitch first did a series of shorts with Conan O'Brien. Realizing that she had to say something, this woman reached out to other Sarah Lawrence alumna, whom she knew had suffered as well.

Ultimately, in September of 2020, more than a dozen women came forward with their stories.

In an ironic twist, it was news of Veitch's good fortune with the HBO comedy special that made his alleged victims decide to step forward. One victim noted that when she saw the news, she remembered that “It was common knowledge to stay away from him when I was an undergrad… It makes my skin crawl to see someone like that succeed, knowing how much he violated my classmates.”

The women reached out to HBO privately with their information. On other platforms such as Twitter and The Hollywood Reporter, they detailed their experiences. While Veitch has thus far refused to substantiate their claims, these women have made it very clear that they demand retribution.

In today's day and age, stories don't need to have evidence backing them to ruin reputations.

Immediate Repercussions: What to Do if You Face Unjust Accusations

As a result of this particular blast of bad media, an HBO Max representative confirmed that Veitch's recent comedy special would leave the platform. The spokesperson for the production team said, “We were deeply disturbed to learn of these allegations of unacceptable behavior by James Veitch and will be removing the special from our platform for now.”

Veitch's future work with the streaming platform Quibi is now less certain, with some sources stating that the editors may remove Veitch from the final cut of any already-filmed projects.

If you attend a college or university and have stood falsely accused of assault, Veitch's story makes it clear: You need to protect yourself at once, or see your academic reputation and even professional life soiled for years to come. Contact skilled Title IX and sexual misconduct advisor and legal professional Joseph D. Lento today for assistance by calling 888-535-3686.

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