What's Worrying Today's College Students May Surprise You

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Like everyone else, college students have gone through major emotional shifts in the past few years. Ever since the pandemic started, people from all walks of life across the country have been consumed with stress. College students are not exempt from that group. Students across the country have dealt with all manners of stress that have been exacerbated by many of the political, financial, and cultural issues that the pandemic brought to the forefront.

Many people assume that college students are primarily consumed with the idea of free speech. What they'd be surprised to learn is that many college students don't have the time to be worried about subjects like free speech at all.

Students Are Worried About Their Grades

According to studies, struggling to maintain their GPAs weighs heavily on the minds of today's college students. They're worried about doing their best during college so that they're able to enter well-paying careers after graduation that will allow them to fully support themselves and live their best lives.

They're obsessed with maintaining high GPAs, and they find themselves studying hours upon hours to maintain the highest grades possible. To add to this stress, many of them also feel like they're in competition with their fellow classmates. This ends up creating an unhealthy school and living environment.

Maintaining Friendships While Struggling With Mental Health Issues Is Difficult

Many college students are also suffering from mental health issues, many of which have been made worse from the long-term isolation and stress that the pandemic has created. Maintaining thoughtful, healthy friendships during college can be challenging under regular circumstances, and it's been even harder under extraordinary circumstances.

Young college students are most likely living on their own for the first time, and they're navigating interpersonal relationships without parental support. Throw in the upheaval of the past few years, and those challenges are exacerbated.

The average adult is struggling to figure out how to emotionally and physically reconnect with friends and loved ones, and those challenges are even harder for young people like college students who are just starting out in life and don't have the emotional tools or life experience to navigate this process with minimal disruption.

Diversity, or the Lack Thereof, Is Often an Issue

One common theme amongst many students was the fact that they enjoyed the opportunities that diversity at their schools allowed them. Diversity initiatives permitted them to meet people from different backgrounds, and those initiatives made it possible for students to engage with people who have had different perspectives and life experiences.

Some students, however, have felt that their universities were not diverse enough. In many cases, that lack of diversity made them feel excluded and “othered.”

Reach Out for Legal Help When Facing Challenges at Your University

The challenges that students face at their university often lead them to make mistakes like engaging in academic dishonesty to maintain higher grades or engaging in other behavior that results in punishment. When this happens, they need all of the legal support they can get.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and his expert team have years of experience defending college students across the United States who have gotten into trouble. Getting the legal support you need if you're dealing with any issues may be exactly what you need to get your life back on track.

Reach out to the Lento Law Firm for help at 888-535-3686 today to schedule an evaluation of your case. Your future may depend on it.

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