Responding to New Threats Against Campus Free Speech

Posted by Joseph D. Lento | May 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

Free speech is already under attack and limited by speech codes on college and university campuses across the nation. One nonprofit spotlight on campus free speech tracks the alarming trend. Free speech advocates have been trying to slow and reverse the free speech attacks. For example, one professor just forced his university to pay $400,000 for free speech violations. One state just adopted a bill forming a public committee to examine campus complaints about unlawful restrictions on free speech rights. And a federal appellate court recently held another university's speech code violates First Amendment rights. Yet despite these efforts to preserve free speech, press reports predict the release of new draft Title IX regulations reducing current due process protections for students and professors trying to preserve their free speech rights. The Biden Administration has publicly committed to new Title IX regulations replacing the current protective regulations. Those new regulations, reducing current protections, would be yet another setback for free speech on campus.

Opposition to New Draft Title IX Regulations

Opposition is already building against the predicted new draft Title IX regulations. For example, attorneys generals from fifteen states joined a letter to the Department of Education strongly urging it not to reduce current procedural protections. Under existing Title IX regulations, which the Trump Administration adopted, students accused of Title IX sexual misconduct, including sexually harassing speech, may invoke a formal hearing at which adverse witnesses must testify. Schools cannot simply use student statements against the accused student unless the witness appears at the hearing to testify under attorney cross-examination. While the current regulations have other important protections that the new regulations may abandon or modify, that one protection of attorney cross-examination can turn the tide of false allegations and biased proceedings. The fifteen state attorneys general and other free speech advocates have urged the Department of Education to preserve those protections. Opposition to new Title IX regulations abandoning current free speech protections is likely to be sharp. Time will tell whether that opposition will be effective.

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