Famous People Get Expelled Too: Part 2

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In the first part of this series, we talked about the academic issues for which celebrities Woody Allen and Owen Wilson found themselves expelled. But students can also be sanctioned for disciplinary issues, like bullying, misusing social media, or committing sexual harassment. Schools follow similar procedures for disciplinary issues as they do for academic problems, but the sanctions tend to be a little stricter. Working with an attorney-advisor from the moment you are notified of these issues will help mitigate any unnecessary sanctions your school might try to impose.

Salma Hayek

After moving from Mexico to Grand Coteau, Louisiana to attend the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Selma Hayek was expelled for playing pranks on the school nuns. At most high schools in America, disciplinary misconduct includes such acts as stealing, bringing a weapon to school, vandalizing school property, initiating or participating in a physical fight, being late to class, or committing a hate crime.

While the prank Selma Hayek played seems innocuous – reportedly she set everyone's alarm clocks an hour behind so she could get more sleep – if it disrupts the school's ability to conduct classes or interrupts the students' ability to learn, it is considered disciplinary misconduct.

50 Cent

Another high school student expelled for disciplinary misconduct is rapper and actor 50 Cent. Back then, 50 Cent went by Curtis James Jackson III, and was expelled for possession of drugs. In New York, where 50 Cent went to school, possession of illegal drugs on a high school campus is grounds for an immediate disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion. Students who are accused of drug possession will be allowed to defend themselves. But if they are unprepared for these proceedings, they tend to be unsuccessful at avoiding, or mitigating, the more severe sanctions, like expulsion, that the school might execute.

How an Attorney-Advisor Can Help

When students and their families are notified of these disciplinary issues, many do not realize that they have the right to the advice of an attorney-advisor. Disciplinary actions are intense proceedings whose results can mean the difference between a formal warning and permanent dismissal from the school. Attorney-advisors have the unique experience of understanding the law on a fundamental level and working with students to protect their due process rights.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm have spent years of their careers helping students accused of disciplinary misconduct. They know how easy it is for schools to dismiss students without allowing them to defend themselves or even get a second chance to redeem themselves. As such, they work tirelessly to ensure the school is held accountable. Attorney Lento and his expert team will gather evidence and witness testimony to create a strong defense that guarantees the best possible outcome for your case. Call 888-535-3686 today or schedule a consultation online.

These proceedings can be exceedingly nuanced and complicated. But don't worry, you do not have to navigate them alone. The Lento Law Firm can help.

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