College Sexual Misconduct Advisor - Idaho

Are You Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations In Idaho?

If you are an Idaho college student facing Sexual Misconduct allegations, the first step is to find a Title IX Attorney well-versed in the details of new and continually changing Sexual Misconduct regulations. Sexual Misconduct charges can have serious consequences for your academic career and future professional opportunities.

New Title IX Rules Restore Rights To The Accused

The New Title IX (also known as the “Final Rule”) may increase the possibility of the accused receiving a fair trial. During the Obama Administration, The Department of Education demanded that colleges take further measures to prevent and remedy sexual violence on college campuses. To preserve federal funding, universities tended to side with the accuser and often stripped away the rights of the accused. In recent years, it has become commonplace to deny accused students access to the complaint, the evidence, the identities of witnesses, or the investigative report, and to forbid them from questioning complainants or witnesses.

The Final Rule Calls For Live Hearings And Cross-Examinations

The New Title IX ensures a fairer hearing by including live hearings and cross-examinations to test the credibility of all parties involved. Since live cross-examination is potentially traumatic for the accusers, federal regulations forbid accuser and accused from questioning each other directly. Instead, the New Title IX requires